Torchwood: The Victorian Age from Big Finish
Torchwood: The Victorian Age from Big Finish

Captain Jack and Queen Victoria together at last!

Torchwood. Outside Parliament, beyond the constabulary. A secret institute created by Her Majesty Queen Victoria after meeting the Doctor and Rose Tyler, The Torchwood Institute has been created to defend the British Empire from unimaginable threats. The 19th Century is when everything changes – and Torchwood is waiting!

Based on the spin-off series created by Russell T Davies, Big Finish’s range of Torchwood audio adventures continues the legacy of Earth’s greatest defenders, with new stories set in and around the original TV show.

Beginning the second series of audio dramas, Torchwood: The Victorian Age goes back to the 1890s, where the fledgling Torchwood Institute faces its greatest challenge – a royal inspection.

Written by acclaimed novelist AK Benedict and starring John Barrowman, Rowena Cooper, Youssef Kerkour, Louise Jameson and Aaron Neil, Torchwood: The Victorian Age takes us back to the earliest days of Torchwood. Pre-order your copy today.

Big Finish have a pre-order offer where you can subscribe to the whole of Series 2 at the special introductory rate of £45 on CD and £40 to download through to March 31st 2016.


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