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Thirteenth Doctor - Jodie Whittaker

Blush and Pudsey have their costumes for this year's Children in Need! Order your CiN Doctor Who Bears today! (c) BBC Children In Need Doctor Who Thirteenth Doctor Tenth Doctor

Doctor Who Pudsey and Blush for Children in Need!

Blush and Pudsey get a Doctor Who makeover for this year's BBC Children in Need This year Doctor Who's long-standing association with the charity BBC...
Doctor Who: Adventures in Lockdown. Cover by Sophie Cowdry (c) BBC Books Thirteenth Doctor Chris Chibnall Russell T Davies Neil Gaiman Steven Moffat Children in Need

COMING SOON: Doctor Who: Adventures in Lockdown

2020 has seen Doctor Who fans and professionals come together to lift each other's spirits like never before. Now the original fiction created during...
Doctor Who: Mistress of Chaos, collecting the comic strips from DWM #531-548 (c) Panini Doctor Who Magazine Scott Gray Mike Collins John Ross

OUT NOW! Doctor Who: Mistress of Chaos

A Doctor Who tradition regenerates with the Thirteenth Doctor's DWM comic strip debut! The first set of adventures for the Thirteenth Doctor and her Fam...
Edge of Time: Time Lord Victorious, The Edge of Reality, and The Lonely Assassins - three new Doctor Who games from Maze Theory (c) Maze Theory

Three New Doctor Who Games from Maze Theory for Spring 2021!

Maze Theory have revealed a new trilogy of games for 2021, expanding on the success of The Edge of Time   At today's Doctor Who/Maze Theory...