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Thirteenth Doctor - Jodie Whittaker

The first wave of the new Doctor Who Diamond Collection features t-shirts for Thasmin and the Diamond Anniversary (c) Titan Merchandise

New Doctor Who T-Shirts Celebrate Thasmin and the 60th

The Diamond Collection begins with three brand new t-shirts, celebrating Thasmin and Doctor Who's upcoming Diamond Anniversary Ahead of Doctor Who's 60th anniversary, Titan Merchandise...
Shawna, Vastra, and Cleo face an army of the redacted in Doctor Who Redacted: Rescue. Composite (c) Blogtor Who Doctor Who BBC Sounds

REVIEW: Doctor Who: Redacted – ‘Rescue’

BBC Sounds' Doctor Who drama Redacted picks up the pace as it races headlong towards its conclusion We left our heroes Shawna and Cleo at...
Doctor Who: Redacted: Ghosts takes Cleo home to the Powell Estate and deadly danger (c) Blogtor Who

REVIEW: Doctor Who: Redacted – ‘Requiem’/’Ghosts’

The heroes of Doctor Who: Redacted may have split up, but their different paths lead them ever closer to answers... and danger BBC Sounds' ten...
Doctor Who Redacted: Recruits. Composite (c) Blogtor Who Jodie Whittaker Thirteenth Doctor Charlie Craggs

REVIEW: Doctor Who Redacted: ‘Recruits’

Recruits gives our Redacted heroes a rare breathing space, in an episode that dances deftly from comedy to tragedy After the scares and tension of...
Doctor Who: Redacted continues as the Blue Box Files gang track down the Weeping Angels (c) Blogtor Who Charlie Craggs Lois Chimimba Holly Quin-Ankrah

REVIEW: Doctor Who Redacted – ‘Angels’/’Interrogation’

Doctor Who: Redacted reaches the halfway stage, and the point of no return for Shawna, Abby and Cleo Episodes 4 and 5 of Doctor Who:...