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Doctor Who: Print the Legend (c) Panini Cover in poinitilist style, with drawings of the Second, Third, Fourth, and Tenth Doctors around a 2005 Dalek, all in black and white except the Dalek. The bottom portion shows a set of CDs with text "Free CD Audiobook Inside!"

Doctor Who Magazine: Print the Legend

The latest Bookazine from the makers of Doctor Who Magazine take an in-depth look at the history of novelisations A lavish new 116-page bookazine from...
The Doctor Woof range from MoodyBear. Set of hexagons, each containing a cartoon bear dressed as one of the Doctors

Wear Your Doctor Who Fandom with Pride with MoodyBear’s Dr Woof Range!

The MoodyBear Dr. Woof range of t-shirts and hoodies combines their iconic LGBT Bear design with the world of Doctor Who This June you can...
Go Figure! A new visual archive of Doctor Who action figures (c) Roundel Books

Go Figure! A Visual Archive of Character Options Figures

The ultimate collector’s guide to Character Options’ 5.5” Doctor Who action figures from 2005-2024 is coming soon! A new crowdfunded book, Go Figure!, has exceeded...
A brief history of folk horror in Doctor Who

Doctor Who Does Folk Horror

This week Ruby is the outsider from the big city, trapped in a village in thrall to a local tradition that's very real and...
Doctor Who goes to War. Boom Genesis of the Daleks War Games Day of the Doctor Demons of the Punjab Curse of Fenric

Boom! Doctor Who War Stories

They say demons run when a good man goes to war, and here are some of the finest examples from six decades of Doctor...