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Five new Target Books novelisations arrive in July 2022 Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Tenth Doctor Twelfth Doctor

New Doctor Who Target Novelisations for 2022!

The Target Books range of Doctor Who novelisations continues to expand this year with five new paperbacks arriving this July The series of Doctor Who...
Doctor Who: The Collection - Season 22. Cover art by Lee Binding. (c) BBC Studios Sixth Doctor Colin Baker Blu-ray

Doctor Who: The Collection – Season 22 Confirmed!

Doctor Who: The Collection - Colin Baker's first full season as the Doctor is coming to Blu-ray soon! It's been heavily rumoured since Colin Baker...
Doctor Who: Hornets' Nest vinyl package (c) Demon Records Fourth Doctor Tom Baker

Doctor Who: Hornets’ Next – Deluxe Vinyl Edition On the Way!

The five episode series featuring Tom Baker's first return to playing the Doctor on audio is getting a luxurious Vinyl release signed by Baker...
Some of the UNIT family we've met across 53 years of defending the Earth Doctor Who Kate Stewart Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart Doctor Who Flux Survivors of the Flux

Doctor Who: UNIT’s Five Rounds Rapid!

Kate Stewart and UNIT are back on our screens in Doctor Who: Flux! Blogtor Who takes a look back at five times the defenders...
The Abominable Snowmen - Coming to DVD and Blu-ray in a new animation in 2022 (c) BBC Studios Doctor Who Yeti Patrick Troughton Second Doctor

Doctor Who: The Abominable Snowmen – Arriving on Blu-Ray in 2022!

An animated version of missing classic The Abominable Snowmen is arriving in 2022 on DVD, Blu-ray and an exclusive Steelbook Doctor Who: The Abominable Snowmen...