The Schizoid Earth
The Schizoid Earth

Fans of classic Doctor Who audio, it’s time to plan a road trip. You have a new book that needs to be heard.

Fantom Films will be releasing an audio version of David McIntee’s The Schizoid Earth, published in 2015 by Candy Jar Books. The Schizoid Earth is a Colonel Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart book that takes place after The Web of Fear, the serial that introduced the Brigadier. In a fascinating little twist, several episodes of this serial are still missing. In what sounds like a classic email scam, some of the missing episodes were actually located in Nigeria.

In this latest installment of the series, it is April 1969, and Lethbridge-Stewart is meant to be in the mountains of the east, but war has erupted, and the moon has been blocked from the sky. Old enemies appear, and a terrifying breed of ghost soldiers appears to fight with living men. The battle between the dead and the living takes place in a rural village, Deepdene, and Lethbridge-Stewart is confounded by the mystery and by the terrors that visit him every night in his sleep. Is there a secret to be unraveled, or is this some sort of insanity? Why is there a man a decade out of place? How can this mysterious person still be alive? And what timeline is to be believed?

This riveting story is read by Terry Molloy, known best for playing Mike Tucker on ‘The Archers’ on BBC 4. Doctor Who fans may recognize his voice from his role as Davros, the Doctor’s arch nemesis, during the 1980s. Molloy also appeared on BBC 7 as Professor Edward Dunning in ‘The Scarifyers’, by Cosmic Hobo Productions.

The audio book will be released in March 2016 by Fantom Audio. There are seven CDs, and is priced at £18.99 in the UK. This title is also available overseas.

Recent books in this popular audio series include The Forgotten Son, Beast of Fang Rock, and Mutually Assured Domination. The character of Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart was originally created by Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln.



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