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River Song meets the Third Doctor in Diary of River Song: New Recruit! Doctor Who TARDIS Big Finish Productions UNIT United Nations Intelligence Taskforce

River Song Meets the Third Doctor

Tim Treloar’s Third Doctor and Alex Kingston’s Professor River Song are colliding in a brand new box set of adventures from Big Finish Big Finish...
Doctor Who: Dalek Universe - The Triumph of Davros. Cover by Simon Holub. (c) Big Finish Productions Tenth Doctor David Tennant Jane Slavin Anya Kingdom Terry Molloy Dalek Supreme Planet of the Daleks

Doctor Who: Dalek Universe 3 – Synopses and Covers Revealed!

Once more into the Dalek Universe for David Tennant, as Big Finish reveals the stories in the third and final volume of Doctor Who:...
Doctor Who: The Trojan Dalek. Cover by Simon Holub (c) Big Finish Productions Dalek Universe David Tennant Tenth Doctor Joe Sims Mark Seven Anya Kingdom Jane Slavin

Doctor Who: The Dalek Universe Volume 2 is Out Now

The Tenth Doctor is back in action – David Tennant faces the Daleks once more in the second volume of Doctor Who – Dalek...
Doctor Who: The Early Adventures - After the Daleks. Cover by Tom Webster (c) Big Finish Productions Susan Foreman Carole Ann Ford Dalek Invasion of Earth

Doctor Who: After the Daleks – Coming Soon

Whatever happened to Susan Foreman? The Early Adventures explore the aftermath of The Dalek Invasion of Earth this August Doctor Who – The Early Adventures:...
Doctor Who: The Early Adventures - The Secrets of Det-Sen (c) Big Finish Productions First Doctor William Hartnell Steven Taylor Peter Purves Dodo Chaplet Jackie Lane Lauren Cornelius Yeti Great Intelligence

Doctor Who: The Secrets of Det-Sen to be Dedicated to Jackie Lane

A forthcoming Doctor Who: The Early Adventures release from Big Finish Productions will be dedicated to the memory of actress Jackie Lane Lane, who passed...