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The Moons of Vulpana from Big Finish

REVIEW: The Moons Of Vulpana Sheds Light On Mags

Big Finish continue their current Seventh Doctor trilogy with Mags in 'The Moons of Vulpana'. After last month's playful 'The Monsters of Gokroth', things...
The late Paul Spragg is celebrated by Big Finish every year by giving fresh new talent an opportunity to write for the Short Trips Range (c) Big Finish

Become a Big Finish Writer: Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trips Opportunity 2019

Big Finish's annual search to identify talented new writers enters its fourth year Paul Spragg was a popular and central figure in the world of...
The Monsters of Gokroth from Big Finish

REVIEW: ‘The Monsters of Gokroth’ Will Have You Howling

It's been 30ish years since we've last heard from Mags but Big Finish, being the fine purveyors of audio that they are, have brought...
Doctor Who - Ravenous 3

REVIEW: Doctor Who: Ravenous 3 – The Eleven is Back!

The continuing saga of the Eighth Doctor’s adventures resumes after the events of the previous boxset (Doctor Who-Ravenous 2.) Faced with bringing back fan-favourite characters,...