Doctor Who Series 9 Steelbook cover
Doctor Who Series 9 Steelbook cover

Exciting news! Amazon are doing a limited run of Bluray steelbooks for the Doctor Who Series 9 Complete Series. These feature exclusive artwork design by Alice X Zhang, who was personally selected by Peter Capaldi to create the designs.

Alice X Zhang is an illustrator, whose previous work has been used by the TV programmes Sherlock and Person of Interest.

Doctor Who: Complete Series 9 is a bumper set containing all of the episodes in series 9 as well as a whole host of extras including : –

  • DVD commentaries from actors and writers including Sophie Stone, Toby Whithouse, Maisie Williams, Reece Shearsmith and Mark Gatiss
  • All of the Doctor Who Extras from Series 9
  • Six Doctor Who documentaries – Writing Who, Dalek Devotion, The Adventures of River Song, Doctor Who: Sublime Online, Clara’s Journey and The Fan Show’s Finest.

There’s also  the Series 9 US prequel – The Doctor’s Meditation, deleted Scenes, Series 8 recap and all Series 9 trailers and prologue, the 2015 San Diego Comic Con Panel and an interview with Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman hosted by Wil Wheaton. Phew!

Doctor Who – Series 9 Steelbook Blu-ray is available now to order at Amazon with a pre-order price guarantee of £39.99


  1. I shouldn’t be surprised at the UK getting the far superior box set designs by now, but I am still disappointed. Alice Zhang is one of my favorite artists and I would buy this in a heartbeat. Get on it, BBC America!

    • Considering what the US got on the 1-7 box, compared to the pathetic thing that was the UK version – I can’t really understand your complaint 😉

      Even though that Steelbook is GORGEOUS.

  2. Only on Blu Ray? Shame on you. The majority of people still use DVD. Why do the majority get a bum deal?

    • +1. I want that beauty on DVD – it would make the picture slightly bigger at that.

      also – where’s the BBC Shop Exclusive version???

    • What makes you think it’s regionblocked? Only regionblocked Doctor Who Blurays yey – as far as I heard – are in the US 1-7 Series Box Set.

  3. I’m tempted to buy that gorgeous thing just in case I ever have a region-free Blu-Ray player, but that would be collecting at its most OCD…


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