David Tennant may not have appeared in person at this year’s NYCC, but one of his newest projects had their debut at the convention. Final Space is an animated show from  YouTube star Olan Rogers that will be premiering on TBS in 2018. The show is about an astronaut Gary, who has adventures as he travels through space with his alien companion, Mooncake. Tennant will voice the role of Lord Commander, the evil nemesis of Gary.

Rogers first planned a show called Gary Space, which over the years was re-named to Final Space. Rogers posted the show’s pilot in April 2015 on his channel on YouTube, and the response was immediately positive. The pilot can be viewed on YouTube.

Roger’s has finally achieved his vision of making the pilot into a serial cartoon, beautifully animated, with powerful scripts. The pilot caught the attention of television host Conan O’Brien, who bought the series for TBS. Rogers originally voiced most of the characters, but he wanted to attract other talent for the show.

One of the first actors the team approached was Tennant. “I am a huge fan of his,” said Rogers. “I thought he could bring the bad guy to life. I sent him a script, and he loved it.” Rogers was shocked and thrilled that the role would be voiced by Tennant, which would give the character of Lord Commander an entirely different feel. “I knew he could do it in a way that’s not goofy at all. He would bring a legitimate threat to the character.”

What kind of accent will Tennant use? Rogers laughed when reminded that the Scottish actor was asked to do an English accent when he played the Tenth Doctor. “He created a special monster accent for the show!” Rogers envisions a 10-episode season for Final Space, and promises that the animated series will be unlike any other cartoon. A preview of the show premiered at the NYCC at a special screening at the Hammerstein Ballroom at the NYCC.

Final Space will launch on TBS in 2018, and also features the voices of Fred Armisen (Portlandia) and Steven Yuen (the late, great Glenn on The Walking Dead). The show is being produced by Conan O’Brien’s Conaco and New Form, in association with Turner’s Studio T.


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