The good people at Candy Jar Books have announced their latest book from the Lethbridge-Stewart range, ‘The New Unusual’.

‘The New Unusual’, written by Adrian Sherlock and Andy Frankham-Allen. It will be the first book released in series 5, of the Lethbridge-Stewart Range, which will contain two more releases. This is being considered a limited edition series as there are only 400 copies planned. Each of these books will also be exclusively available from the Candy Jar Books Webstore.

Adding to the limited edition enticement for ‘The New Unusual’, it will come with an ‘exclusive’ version of the short story ‘The Playing Dead’!

Candy Jar Says

Range Editor Andy Frankham-Allen says: “Adrian first came to my attention via John Peel, and when Shaun and I discussed the idea of sending the team to Australia, it seemed common sense to have an Australian write the novel.”

Adrian Sherlock says: “That was an idea I warmed to immediately, having always wanted to see Australia more connected with world of science fiction. Australia’s an amazing country, with many exotic and fascinating wonders, so it was a lot of fun to include them in the narrative.”

Adrian continues: “The New Unusual takes its title from a favourite line of dialogue spoken by the Doctor in the opening episode of the Doctor Who serial, The Mind of Evil. He states that the purpose of the Brigadier’s team is to investigate new and unusual menaces. When Andy first gave me the chance to pitch an idea for the novel, I knew I had to tap into the spirit of the times and that meant a fad or a craze, something the kids were into.

“Furthermore, I knew there had to be a hint of the mind-bending surrealism of the time, which reflected some of the experimentation with drugs such as LSD. But it had to have an explanation that was right for the world of Lethbridge-Stewart, something unearthly and threatening.”

Shaun Russell, head of publishing, explains how Anne Travers takes the lead for the first half of the novel: “Anne continues to be a popular character, easily strong enough to lead a book on her own. When planning these books out we like to keep a balance between our two lead characters, and this year we’ve already had two Brig-centric novels and one Anne. This marks Anne’s second major plotline this year, as she continues to deal with the fallout of her father’s death and what effect it has on her place in the world.”

The New Unusual From Candy Jar Books
The New Unusual From Candy Jar Books

Cover Art

Adrian Salmon gives us an incredibly gorgeous cover! Salmon says: “I knew my wife would kill me if I didn’t draw the cover. She’s a tough Aussie gal and when I found out The New Unusual was set in Australia, I asked to be the artist to bring Old Tom, Anne and Bill in all their grooviness to life!”

‘The New Unusual’ is only available from the Candy Jar Books webstore for £8.99 (+ p&p). You can pre-order it individually or as part of the discounted UK bundle for only £26.25 (including postage), saving £9.72, or an international bundle for only £45.00 (including postage), saving £5.97. Or, you can buy it as part of the yearly subscription offer.

Be sure to get your copies before their gone. Candy Jar Books have been putting out great stories for a while now and this arc is shaping up to be a great one!


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