The good people at Candy Jar Books are expanding upon their Lethbridge-Stewart range with a spin-off series titled The Lucy Wilson Mysteries.

Lucy Wilson is the eleven-year-old granddaughter of the beloved character Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. She is upset to be moving from the big city of London to the small town of Ogmore-by-Sea, in Wales. However, when she discovers that an alien force has taken over the town she realises that maybe it’s not so dull in this new place.

The Lucy Wilson Mysteries will feature characters and concepts from the Doctor Who series. It will continue to build upon the foundations the Brigadier which Candy Jar Books have so lovingly established.

Words from Candy Jar

Shaun Russell, the head of Publishing at Candy Jar Books says. “The great thing about Doctor Who is that it appeals to adults and children alike. There’s something for everybody to explore, from The Sarah Jane Adventures for the very young to Torchwood for those a bit older.

“Lethbridge-Stewart’s last appearance in any Doctor Who media was, in fact, in The Sarah Jane Adventures. I’m sure that sent a lot of kids back to the classic series to see what all the fuss about. And once you’re a fan of that, you’re generally a fan for life.”

Russell continues. “The Brig is such a fundamental part of classic Doctor Who, but after Nicholas Courtney’s death, he’s naturally become less a part of the ongoing programme. We thought that, with the Lucy Wilson series, we could ensure his legacy continues into the modern day – at the same time hopefully sending young fans back to the classics! This is why we have decided to pit Lucy up against the iconic Great Intelligence.”

Lucy Wilson Candy Jar Book

The Character Of Lucy Wilson

Along with new characters, The Brigadier and some familiar characters, are set to make appearances to aid Lucy. However, she may not require as much help as she appears to need.

Lethbridge-Stewart and Lucy Wilson author, Sue Hampton says: “I’m sure that the new Doctor will defeat her enemies with smarts and ingenuity – and with the help of her friends. It’s great for kids to have someone like this as their role model. They’re the values of the show. And while she’s very much her own girl, we see Lucy as embodying similar traits. We hope young readers will find her just as inspiring.”

Eggheads presenter and Radio 2 DJ Jeremy Vine has endorsed the book, saying: “A great read – brilliant characters and a plot that keeps surprising you. Sue Hampton writes in three dimensions! Avatars of the Intelligence draws you in from the very first page.”

Cover Art

The first cover art is provided by Steve Beckett, a writer, and illustrator who has worked on titles such as ‘The Beano’ and ‘Bully Beef and Chips’.

Beckett says: “I am very excited to have contributed to the expanding Lethbridge-Stewart universe. Shaun contacted me because he was familiar with my work for The Beano. He wanted something that could appeal to the young and adults alike. Hopefully, I have achieved this. I have certainly grown quite fond of the characters and I look forward to hopefully drawing them again very soon.”

Sue Hampton writes, ‘Avatars of the Intelligence’ which is available for pre-order or fans until the end of September, with dispatch shortly thereafter. Early 2018 will see the commercial release of the book.

The Lucy Wilson Mysteries is a Lethbridge-Stewart spin-off adventure and features licensed characters created for Doctor Who by Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln.

To pre-order, and for more information, visit Candy Jar Books.


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