Big Finish has revealed James Marsters is to reprise his Torchwood role in a future audio.

‘The Death of Captain Jack’ will feature James Marsters as Captain John Hart alongside John Barrowman as Jack. We don’t have an official synopsis yet so we can only speculate wildly infer from the trailer. Sounds like John has managed to usurp Jack’s life and is married to Queen Victoria. At least, that’s how we interpreted it.

In the most recent edition of the Big Finish podcast, Nick Briggs and Benji Clifford unveiled the trailer for the upcoming Torchwood story. It’s not yet clear if this will be an episode of the monthly range, due to resume in March, or a special release. But we’re fairly sure that it won’t be part of the ongoing ‘Aliens Among Us‘ saga. Nor do we know the exact release date just yet.

Update: Producer Scott Handcock has tweeted that the story will drop in March, so it’s probably part of the monthly range:


Back in 2008, James Marsters appeared as Captain John Hart in Torchwood’s second series. Jack’s erstwhile partner in the Time Agency (and time-looped workwife), he tried to con the Torchwood team. Marsters reprised the role for the series finale when he became an unlikely ally to the team. At the end of that story, John sets out for pastures new, sure of a reappearance that never came. In fact, his next semi-appearance was in Doctor Who itself. During the 2014 episode ‘Time Heist’, John’s photo appears in a slideshow of intergalactic criminals.

Sci-fi fans will probably know Marsters better as Spike from ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and ‘Angel’. Not to mention his recurring role as supervillain Brainiac in ‘Smallville’. He’s also made some major film appearances, including the central antagonist in 2009’s ‘Dragonball: Evolution’ alongside The Ghost. Outside of acting, Marsters is an accomplished musician releasing two solo albums and four with his band ‘Ghost of the Robot’.

We’ll update you with more details when we get them. Especially if Rowena Cooper is reprising her role as Queen Victoria from other Torchwood audio outings. But, for now, we’re happy to hear more from the not-so-good Captain!

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