The ninth episode of the BlogtorWhoCast is now online and is another special edition. Bedwyr, Susan and Mat talk all things Torchwood, discussing their first experience of the show, the high spots and the continuing journey on Big Finish audios.

Following the announcement that Big Finish have reunited Team Torchwood for a special release titled ‘Believe’, our team decided to talk about Torchwood. Bedwyr, Susan and Mat discuss their first encounters with the series, the use of Cardiff and the characters that viewers were introduced to. Unsurprisingly, ‘Children of Earth’ receives particularly rave reviews. ‘Cyberwoman’ not so much. Bedwyr also shares a story about meeting the 456 itself! Episode 9 of the BlogtorWhoCast is available to stream and download now from Soundcloud and iTunes.

Next time the team will review the era of Peter Capaldi and the Twelfth Doctor, unless there’s any other major news between now and then of course! Feel free to send us your thoughts on the Twelfth Doctor’s era by contacting us via Twitter or email. Keep up to date with the BlogtorWhoCast by following @BlogtorWhoCast on Twitter. Share your feedback by sending an email to

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