BlogtorWhoCast Episode 22 is now online. In this latest edition Bedwyr and Susan review ‘The Ghost Monument’. What did they make of the second episode of the new series? Listen to the BlogtorWhoCast to find out.

The BlogtorWhoCast is back again to review the very latest episode of Doctor Who. ‘The Ghost Monument’ continued the new era for the show. But what did Bedwyr and Susan make of it all?

Whilst Susan has plenty of positivity for the episode, Bedwyr makes an unfortunate comparison with ‘The Beast Below’. Things do however start with a positive and a wonderful new title sequence. There is also praise for the characters introduced in the episode. Similarly, the race across the 12 systems was also solid. Both Bedwyr and Susan were a little surprised with another mention of the Stenza. Last week, they agreed that T’zim-Sha was one of the weaker elements. The planet called ‘Desolation’ is also debated with particularly scathing criticism of the robot guards. Finally of course the new TARDIS interior is discussed with a less than glowing response for a few reasons.

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