Karen Gillan’s career is already going stratospheric, from Amy Pond to being the lead female in big Hollywood blockbusters. She is currently lighting up the box office alongside The Rock, Kevin Hart and Jack Black in Jumanji. Her Hollywood career has seen her star in roles opposite big names such as Tom Hanks, Emma Watson as well as the plethora of Marvel characters in the Guardians of the Galaxy¬†franchise.

Alongside this, she is also developing a career behind the camera, as a writer and director. She has already written and directed two shorts, Coward and Conventional. She also starred in the second of these, which is an extremely accomplished and impressive piece of work.

Now she has made the leap to making features. Her first feature film, which she has written and directed, is The Party’s Just Beginning. Gillan was on safe ground when filming her feature debut, deciding to shoot in her home city of Inverness. It has been described as a fiercely honest tale of loss, grief and survivor’s guilt. Gillan stars alongside Lee Pace and Kate Dickie.

The world premiere of Gillan’s film is set to take place at the Glasgow Film Festival next month.

There are other notable names from Doctor Who appearing at the festival too. Tenth Doctor, David Tennant’s new rom-com, You, Me and Him has its European premiere. The film also stars Faye Marsay and Sarah Parish who have both appeared in Doctor Who. Strangely they were also both in Christmas specials, Last Christmas and The Runaway Bride respectively.

There is also plenty more on offer.¬†Festival co-director Allan Hunter said: “The 2018 Glasgow Film Festival promises the perfect movie mix and we’ve taken that to heart. There truly is something for everyone from the casual cinemagoer to the dedicated cinephile.”

This year’s festival runs from February 21st to March 4th.


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