The BBC’s Writersroom project has added to its extensive library with all six Years and Years scripts by Russell T Davies.

Years and Years has only just left our screens, but Russell T Davies’ hard hitting drama about a post-Brexit Britain sliding into totalitarianism already has new life. Thanks to the BBC Writersroom, a resource designed to provide inspiration and guidance to up and coming screenwriters, both writers and viewers alike can now download all six of the former Doctor Who showrunner’s witty and emotional scripts.

Readers can gain new insight into Davies’ unique vision, and how he structured his story, from the very first moment:

VIVIENNE ROOK. 55, smart, well-dressed, with a wry smile, making herself earthy, popular. Talking to an UNSEEN HOST.
VIVIENNE ROOK: I Just don’t understand the world any more.


To the very last:

They wait, and wait…


The six new scripts are just a fraction of the free content available in BBC Writersroom. They join a selection of Doctor Who related scripts as listed below. All of which can be found in the BBC Writersroom Script Library

. The scripts for Years and Years can be found directly here.

Doctor Who

  • Smith and Jones by Russell T Davies
  • The Magician’s Apprentice by Steven Moffat
  • The Witch’s Familiar by Steven Moffat
  • Under the Lake by Toby Whithouse
  • Before the Flood by Toby Whithouse
  • Face the Raven by Sarah Dollard
  • Heaven Sent by Steven Moffat
  • Hell Bent by Steven Moffat
  • The Pilot by Steven Moffat
  • Thin Ice by Sarah Dollard
  • Oxygen by Jamie Mathieson
  • The Lie of the Land by Toby Whithouse
  • The Woman Who Fell to Earth by Chris Chibnall


  • The New World by Russell T Davies

The Sarah Jane Adventures

  • Prisoner of the Judoon Part One by Phil Ford
  • Prisoner of the Judoon Part Two by Phil Ford
  • The Vault of Secrets Part One by Phil Ford
  • The Vault of Secrets Part Two by Phil Ford


BBC Writersroom

BBC Writersroom is a cross-genre department for scripted content. They work with Drama, Comedy, CBBC, CBeebies, Radio, Online – and others. And their remits includes working with and developing new and experienced writers.

BBC Writersroom are part of BBC Commissioning within BBC Public Service, working with BBC Studios, BBC in-house and independent producers across the UK from our bases in London, Salford, Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast.

The team welcomes approaches from independent companies who have a track record of making quality drama and comedy for broadcast, and a history of supportive and creative relationships with writers. We would be happy to meet and discuss whether we could support your comedy and drama development slate for the BBC. Get in touch by emailing


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