A few weeks ago I was delighted to receive an email from the lovely people at Candy Jar Books. They informed me that I had been selected as one of the finalists of the 2018 Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story Competition. This is the story behind that short story.

Nicholas Courtney as Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart
Nicholas Courtney as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (c) BBC

Towards the end of 2018 I submitted two short stories for consideration as part of Candy Jar’s Short Story Competition. I hadn’t entered the previous year but liked the prospect of writing for Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. The Brig is one of my favourite character in Doctor Who’s long history. In fact, I put together a replica of the costume worn by actor Nicholas Courtney in ‘Battlefield‘, one of the first Doctor Who stories I remembered watching and still a favourite. I’ve read a few of Candy Jar’s excellent range of books and love how they’ve been able to explore the character. But if I wanted to contribute to the history of this great character I needed to come up with a story idea.

My first submission was of the Brigadier at the height of his career with UNIT. It was an okay story, perhaps something I’ll develop and improve in future. However, the second one was a bit more interesting. This short story finds the Brigadier towards the end of his life. In my mind the story occurs shortly before the Eleventh Doctor’s phonecall in ‘The Wedding of River Song‘.

I won’t give too much away but I’m excited for you all to read it!

Candy Jar Books – Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story Collection 2 (Cover)

Andy Frankham-Allen, Range Editor for Lethbridge-Stewart, offered some very complimentary feedback. The only change was to rename the care home to Lavender Lawns Rest Home so that it would fit in with Lethbridge-Stewart cannon. Previously, I’d picked a generic name for the care home so this was no trouble at all. Hopefully, those who read it will enjoy my little story. I am also excited to read the other successful entries particularly ‘Gone Fishin’ by the overall winner Megan Frizell.

This book will be a limited edition release, only available to purchase directly from Candy Jar Books for £8.99. All royalties from each book will also be donated the Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff. With limited copies available order now! I’ve already pre-ordered my copy!


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