The BBC has yet another exciting season of television coming soon to DVD and Blu-ray. It’s not more Doctor Who, this time it’s the gripping hit, Peaky Blinders.

December 1925. Tommy Shelby OBE (Cillian Murphy) has acquired unprecedented legitimacy but when he receives a mysterious letter on Christmas Eve he soon realises that the Shelbys are in danger. Facing a more determined and sophisticated threat than ever before, the Shelby family must find a way to put differences aside, work together, take up arms and fight for survival…

Cillilan Murphy reprises his role as Thomas ‘Tommy’ Shelby in this incredibly performed period drama. Joined by the rest of the regular, and supporting, cast are some new additions including the very talented, Adrien Brody.

The fourth series is written entirely by the show’s creator Steven Knight. We can expect the same of series 5, which is set to return in 2019, to be penned by Knight. That’s far enough away that we shouldn’t immediately get excited for the new series but it’s far enough away that we can relive this fourth season a few more times to keep us from forgetting any details that may get picked. Series 1 through to 3 are also available to own on disc and to relive as often as you like.

Set for release on January 22nd the fourth season will retail for £25.52 on DVD and £30.63 on Blu-ray. Click one of the links below to order your preferred format of Peaky Blinders series 4.

NOTE – this is a UK release date.


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