Class, 2016’s Doctor Who spin-off series penned by Patrick Ness is returning via Big Finish, and with it comes some exciting new adventures.

Class Volume 1 and Class Volume 2 each comprise of 3 stories set during the televised series that first aired in 2016 on BBC Three. All of the original cast are returning for both volumes; Greg Austin as Charlie Smith, Fady Elsayed as Ram Singh, Sophie Hopkins as April MacLean, Vivian Oparah as Tanya Adeola, Jordan Renzo as Matteusz Andrzejewski, Katherine Kelly as Miss Andrea Quill.

Joining the team at Coal Hill Academy, Sophie Aldred reprises her role as Ace in Volume 2, in a story involving the Daleks.

Class Volume 1

Big Finish - The Class - Volume 1 - Artwork by Stuart Manning - (c) Big Finish
Big Finish – The Class – Volume 1 – Artwork by Stuart Manning – (c) Big Finish

1.1 Gifted by Roy Gill

When a talent scout arrives in Shoreditch, Ram sees an opportunity to further his goals, whilst April strikes up a friendship with new boy, Thomas Laneford. Their choices draw all three to Carterhaugh House – but who is the mysterious Mab that waits for them there…

1.2 Life Experience by Jenny T Colgan

After signing up for work experience at Sevelin Laboratories, Tanya and Ram find themselves thrust into the world of medical research. But dark secrets lie at the heart of Sevelin Industries – and not everyone can make it out alive…

1.3 Tell Me You Love Me by Scott Handcock

The school day has ended. Charlie and Matteusz find themselves alone – though not quite as alone as they first believed. Three little words could mean the difference between life and death… and Quill is the only person they can turn to.

Class Volume 2

Big Finish - The Class - Volume 2 - Artwork by Stuart Manning - (c) Big Finish
Big Finish – The Class – Volume 2 – Artwork by Stuart Manning – (c) Big Finish

2.1 Everyone Loves Reagan by Tim Foley

When Reagan Harper joins Coal Hill Academy, everybody instantly loves her – everybody except for April. Is there really more to Reagan than meets the eye? Or are there other forces at work in Coal Hill?

2.2 Now You Know… by Tim Leng

Following a series of freak attacks on staff and pupils, Tanya and Matteusz find themselves investigating a mystery that dates back to the 1960s. Together, they hope to solve it – even if that means turning on one another to do so…

2.3 In Remembrance by Guy Adams

When an alarm is triggered at Coal Hill Academy, Quill and Charlie encounter a mysterious intruder prowling around school premises. Worse, they also encounter a Dalek. Their only hope of survival lies with the stranger: a woman who calls herself ‘Ace’…

Scott Handcock, series producer of Class, had this to say: “We’ve had a great deal of fun reuniting the original cast for the audio series, telling brand-new stories set within the TV run, whilst tackling a host of alien menaces.”

Both Volumes of Class are available for pre-order at individually or as a bundle.


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