Indira Varma returns as Suzie Costello in June's Moving Target, by Guy Adams.
Indira Varma returns as Suzie Costello in June’s Moving Target, by Guy Adams.

Following the announcement of Lucie Miller’s return to Big Finish earlier today, Executive Producer Jason Haigh-Ellery has also announced on stage at Gallifrey One that Suzie Costello – played Indira Varma – will return to lead June’s Torchwood release.

We still can’t believe Indira said yes – she’s been utterly delightful,’ enthuses the range’s producer James Goss. ‘We were dying to bring back Suzie as soon as we started – she’s such an interesting character, and giving her a solo adventure provides us with a chance to explore what makes her tick. Amazingly, this is a story where she’s the hero – or the nearest thing to it.

On television, Suzie was Captain Jack Harkness’ original deputy at Torchwood’s Cardiff headquarters until her true nature was revealed.

Varma returns in Moving Target by Guy Adams, who has also written this month’s More Than This. Moving Target will explore her bleak outlook on life while pitting her against extraterrestrial hunters. The official synopsis is given as follows:

One morning, Cardiff just stops. The rain hangs in the sky, the traffic doesn’t move on its streets, the people are frozen like photographs.

Alien eyes have set their sights on our world and won’t leave until they’ve blood on their hands.

The Hub is in lockdown, only one member of the team free to move.

It’s time for Suzie Costello to save the world.

The story also stars Naomi McDonald as Alex and Nicholas Burns as The Referee and will be released in June.

Before then, the first story of Torchwood’s second Big Finish series will be released in March. Titled The Victorian Age and written by AK Benedict, it sees Jack meeting Queen Victoria as they track an alien lifeform loose on the streets of London. Coming in April is Naoko Mori’s return as Toshiko Sato in David Llewellyn’s Zone 10, which sees Tosh in an uneasy alliance with Russia’s equivalent of Torchwood.

May’s Ghost Mission, written by Goss, sees Tom Price return to the fan-favourite role of Sergeant Andy Davidson. Given the exuberant reception Goss’ last instalment, Fall to Earth, received and Price’s popularity, this is set to be one of the most exciting releases yet.

Readers can order all of the mentioned titles and learn more about them on Big Finish’s Torchwood page here. We’ll bring you more news on the exciting second series as we get it.


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