Those busy people over at Candy Jar books have another goody now available for pre-order! Spun out of the Lethbridge-Stewart rage, The Lucy Wilson Mysteries continue with, ‘The Serpent’s Tongue’.

Written by Jonathan Macho, Candy Jar are releasing this to coincide with Shakespeare week. You may ask yourself why that is and it’s because ‘The Serpent’s Tongue’ has the duo of Lucy and Hobo travelling back in time. Specifically to Stratford-Upon-Avon during the Shakespeare Jubilee celebrations of 1769.

What Candy Jar Says

Candy Jar’s head of publishing, Shaun Russell, discusses how Macho was chosen. “Jonathan is an exciting new talent from Cardiff. In 2014, at the age of 19, he was a runner-up in our second South Wales Short Story competition and was featured in the accompanying book Breaking the Surface. After that, in 2016, Jonathan wrote the Lethbridge-Stewart short story The Two Brigadiers. This was well-received by our fans, so I contacted him immediately and asked him to write for the Lucy Wilson series.”

Macho, equally excited to be a part of the team says: “When I first submitted work to the South Wales Short Story Competition back in 2014, which feels like forever ago, I had no idea all the brilliant opportunities that would follow. Telling a story in Lucy’s world is a privilege I’ve been working towards for a while and it’s thrilling to see the book, my first published novel, come together. The whole thing is surreal in the best possible way. The Serpent’s Tongue is special to me for a lot of reasons. I was given plenty of free reign and support from Shaun and everyone at Candy Jar, so I used the world of Doctor Who to give a platform to that most underrepresented of writers: William Shakespeare.”

Why Shakespeare?

The Lucy Wilson Mysteries The Serpent’s Tongue

If you’re not familiar with Shakespeare week, this is an annual event for primary school children to have early and enjoyable experiences with Shakespeare. Macho discusses how he feels Shakespeare should be fun. “School kids can struggle with Shakespeare because of the way he’s often dropped on them without context, humour or fun, and that means they miss out on some wonderful worlds. I still remember the first Shakespeare I saw, a brilliant production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream my parents dragged me to that changed my life, no doubt about it. Lucy herself isn’t the Bard’s biggest fan, so this book is me trying to get her on board, and hopefully some of the readers too.”


If this sounds like something you or a young person in your life may enjoy, head to Candy Jar’s website to pre-order yours.

Blurb for The Serpent’s Tongue:

Lucy Wilson is really getting the hang of being a hero. She’s faced alien monsters, travelled through time and saved the world more than once! So when a school trip to Stratford-upon-Avon takes a turn for the weird, throwing her and Hobo back in time hundreds of years, she’s more than ready for another adventure.

That is, until the adventure follows her home…

With alien bears on the hunt, something massive lurking in the canals and two mysterious figures watching her every move from between the curtains, Lucy needs to face up to her responsibilities and make an impossible choice.

Take your seats. The show’s about to begin.



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