Sadly this month sees The Seventh Doctor range from Titan Comics come to an end. But does it go out with a bang of Nitro-9 or a Cheetah Person whimper?

Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor – #3 Page 1 (c) Titan Comics

Over the course of 3 issues ‘Operation Volcano’ has been a gripping adventure for the Seventh Doctor and Ace. Reuniting the popular Doctor/Companion combination with the Counter Measures team has been thoroughly enjoyable. Group Captain Gilmore, Rachel Jensen and Allison Williams only appeared in one televised story ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’. However thanks to the Writer and Script Editor of that tale, Ben Aaronovitch and Andrew Cartmel, combining for this adventure those characters are back once again. Illustrator Christopher Jones and colourist Marco Lesko combine superbly to bring these characters to life on the page. Additionally, the vivid and varied environments presented are wonderfully achieved.

Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor – #3 Page 3 (c) Titan Comics

The plot has had a number of intriguing twists and turns which have captivated this particular reader. Although the dramatic action-movie-esque conclusion is dealt with efficiently, if a little quickly, all of the loose ends are neatly tidied up. Points also to the intellect who came up with the Seventh Doctor channelling his inner Penguin from Batman: The TV Series! Perhaps the most impressive element is the scope of the adventure. Australia in the 1960’s, the far future, and even a wonderful TARDIS interior. Anything and everything is possible through comics, showcasing once again why it remains a perfect medium for telling Doctor Who stories.

Hill of Beans

Also concluding in Issue 3 of Operation Volcano is the back-up strip ‘Hill of Beans’. Written by Richard Dinnick and with art by Jessica Martin (Mags in Doctor Who: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy), this has provided an enjoyable aside to the main action. Although the comic itself is less refined as the main strip, Martin’s style is wonderfully unique. Coupled with an interesting expansion on some of the elements seen in ‘The Greatest Show in the Galaxy’, this back-up strip has been equally as enjoyable as the main adventure.

Whilst it is a shame that The Seventh Doctor has had a relatively short run with Titan Comics, it has been a welcome addition to their classic range.

Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor #3 Cover A: Chris Jones

Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor #3 is available now from comic book stores.

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