Titan Comics have launched a new Humble Bundle of Doctor Who comic e-books in support of Children in Need

The latest Humble Bundle collection brings together a vast array of Doctor Who stories from Titan Comics. The popular Humble Bundle discount/fundraising site operates on a principle of flexible pricing. When users buy a bundle, they can choose the price they want to pay. They can even choose how your money is divided – between the creators, charity, Humble Partners, and Humble Bundle. The Bundles are organized into levels, so the more you pay, the more items you get, and beyond that, the more that can be given to charity. For the latest Doctor Who Humble Bundle the designated charity is Children in Need.

This new Humble Bundle is available from today, Thursday the 7th of July until the 28th. It includes comic book adventures for the Third, Fourth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth and Thirteenth Doctors so there’s something for every fan! (And that’s not even counting the shorter appearances for the other Doctors in 50th anniversary epic Prisoners of Time!) You can pay as little as £1 for the level one collection, or save hundreds of pounds on the ultimate level five bundle.

You can pick up your own Humble Bundle collection from the Humble Bundle page. At the time of writing the offer had already raised over £1,000 for Children in Need!

Journey through time and space with Doctor Who and a cast of companions in this bundle from Titan Comics! Discover mind-bending tales of civilizations in peril, interstellar war, dangerous Dalek plots, and more in 50+ volumes & collections—and delve deeper into the comic adventures of your favorite Doctor Who incarnation. Plus, your purchase helps support BBC Children in Need!

The items included at the various levels are:

Level One:
  • The Tenth Doctor: Year Three Vol. 1: Breakfast at Tyranny’s
  • The Eleventh Doctor: Year Three Vol. 1: Growth
  • The Twelfth Doctor: Year Three Vol 1: The Terror Beneath
  • The Many Lives of Doctor Who
Level Two:
  • Everything in Level One PLUS
  • The Third Doctor: Heralds of Destruction
  • The Tenth Doctor Archives Omnibus Vol. 1
  • The Tenth Doctor: Year Three Vol. 2: Vortex Butterflies
  • The Eleventh Doctor Archives Omnibus Vol. 1
  • The Eleventh Doctor: Year Three Vol. 2: Roots
  • The Twelfth Doctor: Year Three Vol. 2: The Wolves of Winter
  • The Lost Dimension Vol. 1
  • The Thirteenth Doctor Vol 1: A New Beginning
Level Three:
  • Everything in Levels One and Two PLUS
  • The Ninth Doctor Vol 4: Sin Eaters
  • The Tenth Doctor Archives Omnibus Vol. 2
  • The Tenth Doctor: Year Three Vol. 3: The Good Companion
  • The Eleventh Doctor Archives Omnibus Vol. 2
  • The Eleventh Doctor: Year Three Vol. 3: Branches
  • The Twelfth Doctor: Year Three Vol. 3: A Confusion of Angels
  • The Lost Dimension Vol. 2
  • Supremacy of the Cybermen
Level Four:
  • Everything in Levels One to Three PLUS
  • The Fourth Doctor: Gaze of the Medusa
  • The Seventh Doctor: Operation Volcano
  • The Eighth Doctor: A Matter of Life and Death
  • The Tenth Doctor Archives Omnibus Vol. 3
  • The Tenth Doctor Vol. 7: War of Gods
  • Time Lord Victorious
  • The Eleventh Doctor Archives Omnibus Vol. 3
  • Four Doctors
  • Ghost Stories
  • The Thirteenth Doctor Vol. 2: Hidden Human History
  • The Thirteenth Doctor Vol. 3: Old Friends
  • The Thirteenth Doctor: Time Out of Mind
  • The Thirteenth Doctor: Year Two Vol. 1: A Little Help from My Friends
Level Five:
  • Everything in levels One to Four PLUS
  • The Ninth Doctor Vol. 1: Weapons of Past Destruction
  • The Ninth Doctor Vol. 2: Doctormania
  • The Ninth Doctor Vol. 3: Official Secrets
  • The Tenth Doctor Vol. 1: Revolutions of Terror
  • The Tenth Doctor Vol. 2: The Weeping Angel of Mons
  • The Tenth Doctor Vol. 3: The Fountains of Forever
  • The Tenth Doctor Vol. 4: The Endless Song
  • The Tenth Doctor Vol. 5: Arena of Fear
  • The Tenth Doctor Vol. 6: Sins of the Father
  • The Eleventh Doctor Vol. 1: After Life
  • The Eleventh Doctor Vol. 2: Serve You
  • The Eleventh Doctor Vol. 3: Conversion
  • The Eleventh Doctor Vol. 4: The Then and the Now
  • The Eleventh Doctor Vol.5: The One
  • The Eleventh Doctor Vol. 6: The Malignant Truth
  • Prisoners of Time
  • The Twelfth Doctor Vol. 1: Terrorformer
  • The Twelfth Doctor Vol. 2: Fractures
  • The Twelfth Doctor Vol. 3: Hyperion
  • The Twelfth Doctor Vol. 4: The School of Death
  • The Twelfth Doctor Vol. 5: The Twist
  • The Twelfth Doctor Vol. 6: Sonic Boom
  • The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor



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