The Doctor meets Robin Hood for the first time! Again! The Return of Robin Hood arrives from BBC Books this month

The Fourth Doctor finds himself in the middle of time twisting confusion when he visits Sherwood Forest and comes face to face with Robin Hood. Not only does the mythical hero turn out to be real, but he claims to have met the Doctor before! But while the Time Lord may not yet be a white haired Scotsman, some things never change as he swings into action to save the day.

The Return of Robin Hood features one of the lesser used aspects of the classic tales, as the villainous witch Mother Maudlin casts her spell over Sherwood. But who is she really? And where do her powers come from? The Doctor, Sarah Jane, and Harry, waylaid on their return to 20th century Earth from Nerva, are determined to find out…

The new novel is the latest from writer Paul Magrs. The author’s previous Doctor Who work includes the acclaimed novel Mad Dogs and Englishmen and the Big Finish audio drama Horror of Glam Rock. He was also the architect of the Nest Cottage series from BBC Audio, which first tempted Tom Baker to the role after decades away.

The Return of Robin Hood arrives on the 21st of July. It’s available to pre-order now from all good book retailers.


Doctor Who: The Return of Robin Hood (c) BBC Books Fourth Doctor Paul Magrs
Doctor Who: The Return of Robin Hood (c) BBC Books

Doctor Who: The Return of Robin Hood

Gold had come to the greenwood . . .

Robin Hood is disenchanted. Maid Marion has disappeared, and the legend of the Doctor has retreated into the shadows of Sherwood Forest.

But the Doctor is back! (Although this is his first visit – time travel does strange things to a story.)

And the timing couldn’t be better. A new Sheriff of Nottingham is in town, out to get the Outlaws, and behind the scenes, the mythical Mother Maudlin has designs on the realm that are not of this earth . . .

With the Kingdom in peril, it’s time for the return of the Lionheart.


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