KKLAK! The Doctor Who Art of Chris Achilléos showcases some of the most iconic artwork to grace the covers of Doctor Who novelisations. This new collection is available to order now from Candy Jar Books.

Many talented people have contributed Doctor Who artwork for everything from promotional material to merchandise. Individuals such as Colin Howard and Andrew Skilleter created covers for books and video releases. In the modern era Clayton Hickman and Lee Binding have contributed enormously to the DVD range. Sophie Cowdrey has recently designed some of the steelbooks. Artists such as Will Brooks and Alice X Zhang have created covers for Titan Comics. These are just a few of the incredibly talented people to create Doctor Who themed artwork. However, the work of Chris Achilléos on the Target novelisations still resonates and stands apart.

Doctor Who and the Daleks – Target novelisation, 2011 re-release (c) BBC Books


The first covers Chris Achilléos created were for Doctor Who and the Daleks, Doctor Who and the Zarbi and Doctor Who and The Crusaders. Released by Target Books in May 1973 these three titles, and therefore their cover art by Chris Achilléos, sold in huge numbers. It is no surprise that his art quickly became the standard which others have followed. Achilléos‘ work has since adorned the covers of novels published all over the world plus audiobooks and even Doctor Who Magazine.

It is no surprise that Chris Achilléos‘ work remains incredibly popular. Flicking through the book, you are frequently reminded of some of your favourite covers. Rather appropriately this book is titled with a KKLAK! Those five letters, used to convey the sound of a pterodactyl on the cover of Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Invasion, have become iconic. Achilléos shares the story behind the KKLAK! and how he was initially asked to remove it. Other stories such as how an issue of Fantastic Four inspired the cover for The Three Doctors are also fascinating.

Throughout the book a whole page is dedicated to showcasing the artwork being discussed. This allows the reader to appreciate the detail which went into each piece. It is no surprise that many consider these covers to be art in their own right. Rightly so!

Doctor Who - Battlefield - Target Books
Doctor Who: Battlefield – Target novelisation, 2016 re-release (c) BBC Books

The Doctor Who Art of Chris Achilléos

Chris Achilléos would return to the Target novelisations in recent years with new covers for The VisitationVengeance on Varos and Battlefield. These works are also included along with a number of pieces you will never have seen before. From private commissions to specially painted images exclusively created for this release, these provide even more value and make this book all the more sought-after. Additionally, Achilléos discusses his process and methods, such as how he drew the first four incarnations of the Doctor. To have original sketches also included adds another layer of understanding to the process. Sadly the writer so synonymous with the Target books Terrance Dicks provided a glowing foreword before his untimely passing. Whilst the words are of course beautiful, the sadness that Dicks is no longer with us still remains.

Other colleagues such as Colin Howard also provide heartfelt testimonies for how the work of Chris Achilléos inspired them. The appreciation for his work from individuals including Gary Russell and Jon Culshaw is truly heart-warming.


KKLAK! The Doctor Who Art of Chris Achilléos is an absolute must-have purchase for those with fond memories of the Target novelisations. In addition to the beautiful artwork, the book is packed with information. Not only does the book showcase the work of a master of his art, it provides insight into that elusive creative process. It is a true celebration and expresses the gratitude that we as fans have for the work of Chris Achilléos.

Kklak! The Art of Chris Achilleos from Candy Jar Books


Kklak! The Doctor Who Art of Chris Achilleos covers for the official Target novelisations, which began in the early ‘70s, defined a generation’s image of the Doctor and his adventures – particularly after the show disappeared from British screens in the late ‘80s.

Lavishly detailed, with psychedelic overtones and an unapologetically pulpy sensibility, these covers perfectly captured the eccentric appeal of the classic series.

Kklak: The Doctor Who Art of Chris Achilléos collects the entirety of Achilléos’ Doctor Who artwork in chronological order, along with commentary from Achilléos himself (as well as some fans) – presenting the definitive guide to his seminal work.

The book also includes a small contribution from Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi and a foreword from Achilléos’ long-time friend and collaborator, the late Terrance Dicks.

Featuring every one of Achilléos’ Doctor Who designs, as well as never before seen material giving insight into his creative process, Kklak: the Doctor Who Art of Chris Achilléos is released by Candy Jar Books.

A very limited run of KKLAK! The Doctor Who Art of Chris Achilléos in hardback is available to order from Candy Jar Books. A paperback version is also available to pre-order for release later in the year.


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