The Time Fracture opens next month! And a familiar foe will be waiting for you…

Despite the unique and unprecedented challenges of the past year, plans for Time Fracture continue to build. The immersive Doctor Who experience is now set to open on the 26th of May. And a new set of photos shared by the Time Fracture team on Twitter tease some exciting new details. They also give us our first concrete view of how it will connect to last year’s epic Time Lord Victorious event.

The experience involves visitors being recruited by UNIT for a voyage through the Time Fracture. Their mission: to investigate what’s created it and face any threat it represents. Taking them first from present day London to the height of the Blitz, the adventure continues with a race through different parts of Earth history and to other worlds. And the new photos they’ve shared gives hints of what to expect. Included in the images are a Kerblam! Man mural, a throne decorated with a Tudor rose, along with tapestries and wooden walls. There are even futuristic looking corridors ideal for running up and down.

Dare you face the Daleks?

More than that, we’ve also seen Jon Davey suiting up as a Silence, and two separate Daleks. One of which is a Dalek Drone from Time Lord Victorious’ Restoration Empire! Despite having featured in comic book art, computer generated form, and even a model figurine, this is fans’ first sighting of the real thing. The Drone shares the same body with the Daleks frequently seen on our screens since 2005. But Dave Ladkin’s design pleasingly combines it with the classic 1960s colour scheme of silver and blue. However, it’s also clear that Time Fracture will completely stand alone. So don’t worry – you won’t need to have kept up with any of Time Lord Victorious to get all the thrills from the experiences.


Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious - Time Fracture is a new immersive experience placing fans at the heart of the action (c) Immersive Everywhere
Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious – Time Fracture is a new immersive experience placing fans at the heart of the action (c) Immersive Everywhere

References to the Time Fracture have been seeded through other Doctor Who media over the past year

Mentions of the Time Fracture has been seeded through recent Doctor Who tie-ins. It was mentioned in the Time Lord Victorious novel The Knight, the Fool and the Dead as being how the Tenth Doctor found himself in the Dark Times. And the upcoming audio story Echoes of Extinction is set to feature the return trip through the Fracture. Meanwhile, the found phone mobile game The Lonely Assassins, starring Ingrid Oliver, features Osgood mentioning that the Time Fracture has been keeping UNIT busy lately.

Time Fracture will be opening in central London, near Oxford Street, next month with tickets on sale now. And it seems like it might be just what the Doctor ordered. After all, what better way to recover after a year of not being able to go anywhere, than by going everywhere.


Doctor Who: Time Fracture

Tickets for Doctor Who: Time Fracture are on sale now. You can get yours for £49.95- £59.95 including booking fee at the Time Fracture site.




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