The Whoniverse expands with the arrival of Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter, the latest spin-off series from Big Finish. Starring Georgia Tennant reprising the titular role, Jenny’s out to explore the universe and do her father proud.

Some time has passed since the events of ‘The Doctor’s Daughter’ and Jenny’s been around the block a few times. She’s as much an adventurer and trouble-seeker her father was but without the knowledge that puts the Doctor in control. It probably isn’t any surprise to hear that Georgia Tennant does an incredible job at blending a spark of the Doctor’s mannerisms into Jenny’s characterisation. She may not have all the answers but she can handle herself when the moment calls for it.

Stolen Goods by Matt Fitton


Kicking the set off is Stolen Goods, where Jenny is conned by an all-too-familiar face, at least to fans of the Seventh Doctor audios. Stuart Milligan returns as the duplicitous Garundel, playing off Jenny’s adventurous spirit brilliantly. Stolen Goods also introduces us to Noah – the “man from nowhere” – who goes on to become Jenny’s companion. The great dynamic the two characters is shared isn’t just down to the flipped dynamic, but also in how we get to see the pair learn about the wider universe together instead of one simply showing the other the way.

Prisoner of the Ood by John Dorney


For new listeners to Big Finish its always nice to get a solid link to the TV series. Here that comes in the shape of Prisoner of the Ood, bringing back the oddly (oodly?) compelling squid-faced aliens. Dorney’s story takes a little while to get off the ground thanks to the combination of an amnesia setup and a disconnect from the previous story. But once it gets going establishes itself as a thrilling romp through 21st century tranquillity ravaged by alien tech. While past appearances have established the Ood as a servant race, here they come across as a force to be reckoned with in their pursuit of their escaped prisoner. The perfect balance silliness and sinister that Doctor Who manages so well, Prisoner of the Ood is a standout story.

Neon Reign by Christian Brassington


After a brief foray into suburbia things get a bit industrial in Neon Reign. The Blade Runner comparisons, which the cast make in the accompanying behind-the-scenes interviews are not unfounded. The superb sound design work of Joe Kraemer and Josh Arakelian does an effective job painting a rainy neon-lit dystopia ruled by oppression and pollution. Narratively, this is perhaps the most allegorical story in the set, offering a heavy but certainly timely piece on gender politics. Neon Reign features Jenny at her most Doctor-like yet, kicking off a revolution all while putting together the pieces to expose the ruthless Dragon Lord.

Zero Space by Adrian Poynton


Closing off this set of adventures is Zero Space, taking Jenny to a place where she gets a firm reminder of the circumstances of her birth. On a remote space station populated by clones of the same two people, Zero Space uses its small cast to great effect. It weaves philosophy into a showdown with the cyborg bounty hunter COLT-5000 voiced by acting legend Siân Phillips. Although the story ends with some bigger questions still unanswered, this is perhaps alleviated by the fact it means Jenny’s adventures are definitely far from over. It does however work nicely as a self-contained story, adding yet another aesthetic to this set’s already impressive repertoire.


With Jodie Whitaker set to make her full debut as the 13th Doctor in the coming months we’re on the cusp of a brand new era for Doctor Who. In many respects, a spin-off Jenny series is the perfect bridge between New Who of the past and the future of the series. A character that left such a strong impression in only one episode, this set of stories really gives Jenny the chance to live up to her father’s reputation. Georgia Tennant is simply magnificent, backed up by an absolutely stellar cast that manage to shine in even the smallest of roles. A marvellous debut for a series that has plenty of life left in for future instalments!

‘Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter’ is available to buy now from the Big Finish website.


This title was released in June 2018. It will be exclusively available to buy from the BF website until August 31st 2018, and on general sale after this date.

Jenny is brand new to the universe. Born a soldier, made for war, she has a Time Lord’s heritage. Luckily, that Time Lord is the Doctor.

She’s ready to save planets, fight monsters, and save the day, using nothing but her bravery, wit and instinct – and an awful lot of running.

1.1 Stolen Goods by Matt Fitton

Jenny is new to the universe and keen to explore – but in unfamiliar spaceships, accidents happen. She’s lucky to have someone on-hand to help. A slippery, fast-talking someone, called Garundel.

Soon, Jenny is mixed up in cons and explosions. But she also finds something strange, inexplicable, and as new to universe as she is. She’ll call him Noah.

1.2 Prisoner of the Ood by John Dorney

Moving into Leafield Crescent, Angie Glazebrook is surprised by an unexpected caller. But not half as surprised as Jenny, suddenly transported to a suburban close on twenty-first century Earth.

And that’s nothing to the surprise of the neighbours when alien visitors start appearing. Visitors with tentacled mouths, carrying death-dealing orbs. The Ood have come for their prisoner…

1.3 Neon Reign by Christian Brassington

The Dragon Lord rules Kamshassa with fear. Half the oppressed population live in an addicted stupor, while the other half are forced into service. Factories belch poisonous smoke, and Dragon Guards patrol the streets, condemning dissenters to the Eternal Fire.

When Jenny and Noah arrive, it’s only a matter of time before they start a revolution.

1.4 Zero Space by Adrian Poynton

Out in deep space, in the middle of – quite literally – nowhere, Jenny and Noah believe they’ve found a safe haven. And, very possibly, some answers. But the space station holds many secrets, and it won’t be long before Jenny’s past catches her up.

Bounty hunter COLT-5000 is on her trail and will stop at nothing to hunt down its quarry… even in Zero Space!

Written By: Matt Fitton, John Dorney, Christian Brassington, Adrian Poynton
Directed By: Barnaby Edwards


Georgia Tennant (Jenny), Sean Biggerstaff (Noah), Siân Phillips(COLT-5000),Stuart Milligan (Garundel), Sarah Woodward (Vesh Taralesh), Clare Corbett(Lukaku), Arabella Weir (Angie Glazebrook), Silas Carson (Ood Leader), Rosalyn Landor (Vanessa Elledge), Olivia Darnley (Emily Cole), John Dorney (John Macguire), Pik-Sen Lim (Old Woman), Arina II (Shoon-Wei), Sara Houghton (Alitta), Paul Courtenay Hyu (Po), Adèle Anderson (Dreyda), Anthony Calf (Cal). Other parts played by members of the cast.

Producer David Richardson
Associate Producer Georgia Tennant
Script Editor John Dorney, Matt Fitton
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs


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