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Doctor Who: Star-Crossed. Cover by Caroline Tankersley (c) Big Finish Ninth Doctor Adventures. The Doctor looks to one side, holding out his arms protectively, sonic screwdriver in one hand. Beside him, River stands hands on hips, looking knowing. Behind them is a dangerous looking pink robot, Captain Grey, the TARDIS, and a supernova

REVIEW: Doctor Who: Star-Crossed

Come in Number Nine, your time is up! One last set of Ninth Doctor Adventures brings Christopher Eccleston's incarnation into previously forbidden territory   "Let's just...
Missy: Bad Influence. Cover by Simon Holub (c) Big Finish. Missy holds up her multi-purpose device, looking mysterious. She surrounded by shattered glass, featuring reflections of herself, the Time Assassin, a pig-man in a crown, and a medieval knight with glowing green eyes

REVIEW: Missy: Bad Influence

Michelle Gomez is back for another dark cosmic joyride as Missy: the woman who makes people worse   Missy's a bad, bad girl. And a bad...
Torchwood: Disco. Cover by Sean Longmore (c) Big Finish Ianto Jones Gareth David-Lloyd

REVIEW: Torchwood: Disco

The Gareth David-Lloyd penned Ianthology concludes in Disco - out now! If you thought that the Big Finish Torchwood Monthly Range couldn't get any better,...
The Paternoster Gang: The Casebook of Paternoster Row. Cover by Rafe Wallbank (c) Big Finish Madame Vastra Strax the Sontaran

REVIEW: The Paternoster Gang: The Casebook of Paternoster Row

The Casebook of Paternoster Row opens for three often hilarious tales where nothing is as it seems Welcome back to Victorian England. But this is...
Doctor Who: The Dream Team. Cover by Ryan Aplin (c) Big Finish Fifth Doctor Adventures Kantrofarri Tegan Nyssa Adric

REVIEW: Doctor Who: The Dream Team

The Dream Team of 1982 reunite for two thrilling tales built on the cast's obvious affection for each other With The Dream Team, the latest...