Whether you’re already subscribed to the Lethbridge-Stewart range or simply ready for a the next book, Candy Jar has you covered. The fourth book in the Bloodlines series of novels is available for pre-order and it’s titled ‘ The George Kostinen Mystery’.

‘The George Kostinen Mystery’ is written by none other than Chris Lynch. A popular author from the Lethbridge-Stewart spin-off range of books, including ‘The Lucy Wilson Mystery ‘The Curse of The Mirror Clowns’. Similar to (but without retreading old ground) last year’s Lethbridge-Stewart and The Lucy Wilson Mysteries crossover, this book will have the two worlds meet.

Let’s Talk

The Lethbridge-Stewart Range Editor Andy Frankham-Allen talks about ‘Bloodlines’ and ‘The George Kostinen Mystery’. Bloodlines was always about taking a different look at our own characters, so this was a nice chance to offer up a unique look at the world inhabited by Lucy Wilson and her friend Hobo – only seen through a distorted mirror.

“The obvious choice for me was Chris – we haven’t actually worked together before, but we spent a lovely day at a convention a couple of years ago and after meeting to discuss the potential of this book, I knew he was the right man for the job. We had much success with our Lethbridge-Stewart/Lucy Wilson crossover project last year, but obviously we don’t want to hit the same beats again. The George Kostinen Mystery is a crossover quite unlike the previous one.”

Writer Chris Lynch says: “Andy and all the writers who have worked on the Lethbridge Stewart range before me have created such an intricate, well-realised universe that I have to confess I was a little nervous about stepping into it. It’s somewhat like being given a very beautiful, very complicated grandfather clock and then being asked to service a number of vital parts using only a butter knife while wearing a blindfold. Thankfully, I’ve been let loose in my little pocket dimension where I can forget about butter knives and go at this thing with a nuclear-powered chainsaw. It’s enormous fun putting Lethbridge-Stewart, George, and all other characters through the ringer, transforming jolly old Blighty into a dystopian nightmare, creating new creatures to scare people with, and revisiting my very first addition to this universe – the Clowns.”

Covering George Kostinen

The Candy Jar team seem to be setting up yet another exciting outing and a crossover at that! To help package an already interesting premise they’ve turned to long time contributor, artist Adrian Salmon. Candy Jar has many talented artists that they can turn to but Salmon’s covers are always dynamic and create a fantastic atmosphere.

Salmon speaks of his cover: “This was a fascinating cover to compose because of the various components and the fact I had the honour of being only the second artist to interpret Lucy Wilson on a cover – the less said about getting her hair style right the better! The Kruge were a lot of fun to draw, and if you look closely you’ll spot the little drawings of their victims faces scratched into their armour.”

How to purchase

The George Kostinen Mystery

‘The George Kostinen Mystery’ will be followed by Back to the Past, which wraps up the Bloodlines saga, and then the final book of series seven which will see a return to the Schizoid Earth in ‘I, Alastair’.

This book is part of the ongoing subscription. However you can simply click here to pre-order your copy now for £8.99 (+ p&p).


With the fate of every reality hanging in the balance, the Accord sends Lethbridge-Stewart to a brand-new version of Earth.

His mission: to find Lucy Wilson. She is the final agent the Accord needs to fix the damage done to the quantum realm, but the world Lethbridge-Stewart finds himself in is quite unlike anything he’s ever seen before.

A dystopian nightmare, the UK is caught in a power struggle between the Clown Tithe, the deadly Kruge and the ever-mysterious Volpertinger.

Lethbridge-Stewart’s only ally in this nightmare world is a sixteen-year-old boy from Ogmore-by-Sea called George Kostinen. A boy who, in the real world, should be best friends with Lucy Wilson. Only is this reality – he’s barely heard of her!

How can Lethbridge-Stewart’s mission succeed when Lucy Wilson is a nobody? A girl who’s never even heard the name Lethbridge-Stewart before…


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