Escape Hunt have just launched their latest Doctor Who-inspired live escape game, ‘A Dalek Awakens‘, which is available to book now!

Following the closure of Cardiff’s Doctor Who Experience back in 2017, fans have especially mourned the loss of its unique interactive features, which allowed them to take on the role of the companion and become fully immersed in the Doctor Who universe. Thankfully, BBC Studios have collaborated with Escape Hunt to create a brand-new immersive experience for Doctor Who fans across the UK to enjoy.

First launched back in 2018, ‘Doctor Who: Worlds Collide‘ is still available to play at Escape Hunt venues around the UK. In this first Doctor Who live escape game, groups of players are locked in a room and tasked with solving a series of puzzles in order to escape. ‘Worlds Collide‘ centres around the formidable Cybermen, who threaten to break through a tear in time and space and take over the Earth, unless the players are able to stop them!

Following the success of this first Doctor Who live escape game, Escape Hunt have now announced the details of their latest offering inspired by the show. ‘Doctor Who: A Dalek Awakens‘ will see players step on board a doomed spaceship, which has been invaded by this age-old enemy of the Doctor’s. The Dalek has tapped into the ship’s power system and is preparing for a path of ruthless extermination. The only way for teams to stop the Dalek is to shut down the ship’s power. However, by doing so, players will also shut down the ship’s life support system, risking the lives of all 10,000 passengers and crew on board.

Much as with ‘Worlds Collide‘, teams of up to six players are given sixty minutes to solve the puzzles, resolve this impossible situation, and prevent catastrophe before the time runs out and extermination is guaranteed for all.

Escape Hunt CEO Richard Harpham has said, “We are delighted to be creating a second game, Doctor Who: A Dalek Awakens, with BBC Studios following the success of our first game with them, Doctor Who: Worlds Collide.

Doctor Who has a loyal and dedicated fanbase which we have seen from the success of our first game, so to be able to bring some variety to the public with a brand new and innovative game centred around the iconic Dalek characters is an exciting prospect for Escape Hunt.

“We look forward to bringing the new game to life at Escape Hunt venues across the UK.”

Doctor Who: A Dalek Awakens‘ will be available to play at Escape Hunt Reading from Monday 9th March, and at Birmingham Resorts World from Wednesday 11th March.

Doctor Who fans in Norwich and Basingstoke can sign up to hear when the immersive adventure is available to book in their cities.

Tickets are available to book for ‘Doctor Who: A Dalek Awakens‘ now via the Escape Hunt website, priced at £25.

Doctor Who: Worlds Collide‘ is also still available to play at Escape Hunt venues across the UK, including Bristol, Leeds, Oxford, Manchester, Reading and Birmingham.

Doctor Who Escape Hunt – Worlds Collide


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