David Tennant and Catherine Tate - Big Finish Interview
David Tennant and Catherine Tate – Big Finish Interview


Author, Doctor Who fan and all-round ace woman Jenny Colgan’s full length novel In The Blood, a new Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble adventure, will be published in May 2016.

Colgan has said that we can expect “a fast-paced earth adventure about internet trolls” to coincide with the Big Finish release of Time Reaver, which reunites David Tennant and Catherine Tate as the Tenth Doctor and Donna; one of (if not the) greatest pairings in Doctor Who history.

Recognising the enduring love of fans for the Doctor-Donna, BBC Books have said that they hope the book will allow fans to “enjoy Tennant’s comeback” in as many formats as possible.

In The Blood by Jenny T Colgan will be available to order for £12.99 from BBC Books in May.



  1. Nice to see the novel will include Donna rather than having the Doctor on his own or with a non-TV companion as was the case with the Fourth Doctor novel last year. Donna was criminally short-changed in the novels department during her time on the show, so she’s owed one.


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