The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine is out now, which reveals which First Doctor story fans have voted for as their favourite!

Doctor Who Magazine‘s recent epic Twitter contest pitted thirty-two First Doctor stories against each other in a battle for the top spot. This month’s issue reveals which stories fans voted for as their most-loved First Doctor adventures!

Elsewhere, after last month’s issue saw former showrunners Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat interview each other, Issue #552 features three of Series 11’s writers (namely Pete McTigheVinay Patel, and Joy Wilkinson) interviewing one another. It also includes writer Mark Gatiss answering questions from the TARDIS tin, plus the usual range of additional features, reviews, and more!

Issue #552 of Doctor Who Magazine includes:

  • Series 11 writers Pete McTighe, Vinay Patel, and Joy Wilkinson interviewing each other
  • Writer Mark Gatiss answering questions from the TARDIS tin
  • Time and Space Visualiser presents a rare interview with William Hartnell, conducted during rehearsals for The Sensorites in 1964
  • 50 Brilliant Things About Doctor Who (not including Doctor Who!)
  • A tribute to late Doctor Who writer Pip Baker, plus a previously unpublished interview with Pip and his wife Jane Baker
  • The Fact of Fiction explores Parts 9 to 12 of 1986’s The Trial of a Time Lord
  • More of DWM’s recommended lockdown viewing, with a guide to stories available on DVD and streaming services
  • A look at Race Against Time, a game book in the 1986 Make Your Own Adventure with Doctor Who series
  • A review of The Maze of Doom, the latest Doctor Who book by David Solomons
  • The final part of The Piggybackers, a new comic-strip adventure featuring the Thirteenth Doctor and her friends
  • Big Finish previews and reviews, news, prize-winning competitions, The Blogs of Doom and much more!

Doctor Who Magazine #552 is on sale now, priced at £5.99, and is available to purchase via the Panini website, or through taking out a subscription.

Doctor Who Magazine - Issue #552 (Cover)
Doctor Who Magazine – Issue #552 (Cover)


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