Occult experiments threaten a small village in the 1940’s in this post-war prequel to the seventies TV show, The Omega Factor.

Due for release in July 2020, The Omega Factor: Divinity is written by Doris V Sutherland and stars Louise Jameson (Doctor Who, EastEnders, Bergerac) narrating a story of paranormal investigation and forays into dark, occultist mysteries.

The Omega Factor: Divinity is now available to pre-order as a digital download (for just £9.99) exclusively from www.bigfinish.com.

The Omega Factor: Divinity (c) Big Finish

The Omega Factor: Divinity

When Tom Crane is sent to the sleepy village of Coldad to investigate a poltergeist, he expects to uncover nothing more than an elaborate hoax. Then the terrified Wright family invite him to spend the night in their haunted house, and he gets to experience the unsettling phenomenon at a closer range than he might have liked.

The investigation takes an even more personal turn when Anne Reynolds turns up an old interview, hidden on a dusty cassette in the Department’s archives. Who was Margaret Grange, and why was Department 7 so interested in her life story? And could Coldad have a sinister connection with Edward Drexel, the evil magician who killed Tom’s wife?


Producer Xanna Chown said “I was looking forward to working with Doris, after her Bernice Summerfield short story which won the writer’s opportunity for the collection In Time. She pitched a very spooky idea for the Omega Factor novel, and I thought it sounded a lot of fun, so we took it from there. Louise Jameson recorded the story from home – this is the first time we’ve recorded an audiobook in lockdown, so fingers crossed!

Writer Doris V Sutherland said on writing the piece: “Xanna nudged me towards The Omega Factor, I wasn’t familiar with it at the time, but I bought the series on DVD and devoured it. I’ve long been fascinated by the 1970s vogue for occult and paranormal themes – with The Exorcist in cinemas and the Fortean Times making its debut – and I understood the series inside-out from the start. Writing a story set in its world came naturally to me.

“For me, the highlight was in expanding the world of The Omega Factor into a different era. When I was writing the sequences set in the 1940s I asked myself, ‘What would the series have been like had it existed in that period?’ The Forties had a vibrant occult scene – Aleister Crowley, Dion Fortune, Gerald Gardner and Dennis Wheatley were all around, and people like M. R. James were still in living memory – and it was an interesting experience trying to work those influences into a story while remaining true to this television series from 1979. I hope that fans of The Omega Factor will like the results!

The Omega Factor: Divinity is now available to pre-order as a digital download (for just £9.99) exclusively from www.bigfinish.com.


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