Big Finish has today made an announcement that should make many Torchwood fans very happy.

Burn Gorman aka Dr. Owen Harper returns to Torchwood this May for a brand new audio story – Corpse Day.

“WE’VE GOT BURN!!! It’s so exciting,” says writer and producer James Goss. “We’ve been trying to get Burn Gorman since we started. We’ve been hunting him across the globe, from Man In The High Castle to And Then There Were None, and we kept getting so close – and then he vanished into the depths of Hungary to make a film for months – but as soon as the project wrapped he was raring to go”.

For those that don’t know! Dr Owen Harper is Torchwood’s Chief Medical Officer. But he’s not just any Doctor – he’s a dead Doctor. After being shot and killed, Owen was brought back to life by Captain Jack Harkness with the resurrection gauntlet. But he died again shortly after trying to stop a nuclear reactor from going into meltdown. And that was the last we heard from the forthright Doctor until now.

So after all this time, what is Owen Harper returning to….

Glynn Lewis is just putting up a spice rack when there’s a knock at the door. A knock that will bring a brutal end to his perfect family.

Meanwhile, PC Andy is very excited. It’s Corpse Day – the day when the local constabulary get help on dead cases from Torchwood. This year, he’s volunteered to act as liaison, and he knows he’s going to have a brilliant time.

For Dr Owen Harper, today’s just like any other. There’ll be bloodshed, screaming and murder. At the end of it all, he doesn’t care. After all, life’s just for the living, and he’s long dead.

“Watching him (Burn) recreate Torchwood’s sour zombie doctor was amazing, continues James Goss. It was impossible to think that this was the same man who’d had us all giggling moments before. It was one of the most delightful days we’ve had on Torchwood – we put him together with Tom Price and just left them to it. Owen Harper is back from the dead, and he’s deader than ever. If you’ve never tried a Torchwood, I beg you to try Corpse Day. It’s pretty much everything.”



The cast also includes Hannah Maddox, Alex Tregear, Nigel Betts, Oliver Mason, Rhian Blundell, Aly Cruickshank and Charlotte O’Leary. Director is Scott Hancock.

Torchwood – Corpse Day is released in May on Download and CD priced at £7.99 and £9.99 respectively


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