Call us the Twitfinder General since we’ve got more of your Twitter reactions to episode eight – The Witchfinders.

Everyone’s favourite brilliant barmy aunt, Katy Manning, has spoken.


After the strong response to last week’s episode Kerblam! people weren’t sure what to expect.

Hail to the King

Enter Alan Cumming clearly relishing his role as King James.

True Knowledge Has to be Earned

The Doctor sparring against King James had Twitter alight.

Lights, Camera, Ehhhction

Not everyone was spellbound by the pacing.

Could it be…


Dunking on the Doctor

You knew it was coming.

The Verdict

Bonus: A Tribute to Hats

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  1. When suspects were “swum” they were NOT drowned. They were attached to rope & pulled out. A very large proportion were found not guilty. Drowning was common amongst women in particular in the 17th century due to washing clothes at the riverside and they wore long woollen dresses that became waterlogged & heavy


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