There’s another Torchwood boxset coming out this June and we’re excited because our News Editor has written one of the tales and we’re going to celebrate the news. So if the other writers would forgive us we are going to indulge in a bit of self-promotion of Robin Bell.

Robin Bell is a writer, director and producer who lives in North Wales.  He has written and edited for Blogtor since December of 2017.  He is co-creator of Twisted Showcase which was declared one of the Top 25 Web show by the Guardian and he has co-produced Black River Meadow with Torchwood’s Gareth David Lloyd.  So it is as no surprise that he has written a Torchwood story – this time for the third boxset God Among Us.

What those of you probably don’t know is Robin has stage 4 stomach cancer and it is a daily struggle for him.  Last year, Robin’s wife, Heidi raised money in support of the Nightingale House Hospice – the team who is helping Robin and Heidi with support during Robin’s illness.

So we are thrilled to see another one of Robin’s dark horror tales appear this time in a Torchwood Big Finish storyScrapeJane stars in the incomparable John Barrowman and as with most of Robin’s work features a monster that isn’t quite real — or is?

We will have to wait and see this June.

Torchwood God Among Us – Part 3 is available pre-order on Big Finish’s website.

(PS – I keep thinking this should be God Amongst Us – so I missed correcting my typos somewhere — please forgive me.)

Summary – Torchwood God Among Us – Part 3

In times of disaster, people turn to God. But what if they no longer believe in themselves?

Cardiff is recovering from a catastrophe. Torchwood finds themselves up against the Disaster Recovery Committee – instead of putting the city back on its feet, it seems to be preparing for something worse. There’s a conspiracy to be exposed, a mythical monster becomes real, fights are breaking out over drinking water, and Jack Harkness is getting ready for the end of the world.

6.9 A Mother’s Son by Alexandria Riley

Cardiff has suffered a catastrophic flood. Dozens are still missing. Survivors fill camps across the city. An inquiry has been set up to find out what happened.

Bethan’s come to the city looking for answers. Her son is among the missing, and no-one seems to want to help her find him. It’s starting to look like there’s a cover-up. What is Torchwood? Can it really be behind it?

6.10 ScrapeJane by Robin Bell

ScrapeJane is a myth. A monster made up by an urban explorer. A monster that’s caught on. A monster with forums, with merch, with a book deal. A monster that people have started to believe in.

A monster that’s started killing.

6.11 Day Zero by Tim Foley

They’ve been warning about it for ages. Poisonous mould in the water supply. But it’s finally got out of hand. It’s day zero – the day Cardiff runs out of drinking water.

As people start fighting over the last remaining supplies, the Disaster Recovery Committee takes drastic action. Because there’s one place that still has clean water. And Torchwood will do anything to stop them from getting it.

6.12 Thoughts and Prayers by James Goss

Cardiff lies broken. Torchwood’s leaders are either arrested or dead. In a storage unit something forgotten has been reborn. And underneath the city, a terrible impossibility has been built.

The streets are filled with the prayers of the desperate. Because everyone knows – The end of the world is nigh.


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