Today marks the fortieth anniversary of the premiere of the classic 1970s supernatural drama

The 13th of June, 1979. A new television drama following the adventures of a secretive government department investigating the paranormal begins. Originally produced by BBC Scotland and aired on BBC One, The Omega Factor scared viewers witless. It attracted criticism from famed moralist (and noted enemy of Doctor Who) Mary Whitehouse for its sheer levels of terror. In the days after its premiere, she condemned it as “one of the most disturbing programmes I have ever seen on television“.
Branded by Whitehouse as “thoroughly evil,” the original series starred Louise Jameson (Doctor Who’s Leela) as Anne Reynolds and the late James Hazeldine as Tom Crane. Crane is recruited into Department 7 due to his psychic gifts. But he has an ulterior motive – to continue the hunt for his wife’s murderer. While all the time the shadow of the mysterious Omega conspiracy grows in the background. And soon it threatens to engulf the world.
John Dorney (Adam Crane) and Louise Jameson (Dr. Anne Reynolds) take up the baton in the latest series of Big Finish's revival of The Omega Factor (c) Big Finish Productions
John Dorney (Adam Crane) and Louise Jameson (Dr. Anne Reynolds) continue to fight the darkness in the latest series of Big Finish’s revival of The Omega Factor (c) Big Finish Productions

The Omega Factor has since risen from the grave as a series of Big Finish audio dramas

Big Finish revived the show on audio in 2015, making three new series set in the modern day, with Louise Jameson reprising her role as Anne and John Dorney playing Adam, the son of Tom.

Natasha Gerson, daughter of Omega Factor creator Jack Gerson, played Morag in the series. And she’s described her pleasure at her father’s creation reaching this significant birthyday. “The Omega Factor was one of my dad’s favourite series and, thanks to Big Finish, it lives on! It’s been an honour and a pleasure to work with David, John, Louise and everyone involved, and writing the novel was a pleasure. I hope the series continues. My dad and the lovely James Hazeldine would be so pleased. Happy 40th, Omega! Happy 91st, Dad!

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The Omega Factor

It’s been 30 years since Tom Crane left the department, and Anne Reynolds now continues the work with Adam Crane, Tom Crane’s son. But not everything is right with Adam, and the Department’s past is coming back to haunt them…


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