Lockdown may be being phased out, but the official site continues providing for those still Staying in the TARDIS

Many of the initiatives put in place to help Doctor Who fans through quarantine have come to their natural end, but Staying in the TARDIS is still with us. The official site program to provide fans, especially younger ones, with fun activities raided from the BBC Books and BBC Audio archives has a whole new set of freebies for this week.

Doctor Who The Lost Dimension Titan Comics Police Box TARDIS
The cover of Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension Part 1 (c) Titan Comics

Doctors unite to save the universe from The Lost Dimension

From the Titan Comics catalogue comes the first part of multi-Doctor epic The Lost Dimension. When a Gallifreyan Bowship carrying his daughter Jenny crashes into St. Luke’s University, the Twelfth Doctor is shocked. But when she reveals that a white void is steadily devouring all of reality, he’s horrified. Meanwhile his Tenth and Eleventh incarnations battle on other fronts of the universal conflict, trying to prevent the Void from eliminating their Third and Fifth selves. You can check out Blogtor Who’s review of The Lost Dimension here:

REVIEW: Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension Volume One


Doctor Who Where's the Doctor BBC Books Daleks
Where’s the Doctor? takes us to a Dalek ship packed with the Skaro mutants, including some clearly on their day off (c) BBC Books

Where oh where oh where is Doctor? Where can Doctor be?

Wally may not be hidden in every book, to the Time Lord’s disappointment, but the Doctor himself is concealed somewhere in two new free printables from the Where’s the Doctor? book. First up he and Amy are trapped on a Dalek command ship, packed with Daleks of all different colours. But finding the time travellers is only half the fun – uncover all the cute little versions of figures like the 1960s Dalek Emperor and Davros too. Then head to the high seas in the 11th century as the TARDIS crew get caught up in a fierce Viking battle against a giant squid – with cameo appearances by Sea Devils and more!

Plus there’s a planetary crossword – can you remember the names of the planets of the Solar System and fit them in the pattern? And a set of TARDIS bunting for you to print out, cut out, and hang up as decorations.



The Staying in the TARDIS page also features a link to Big Finish’s Lockdownload release of the week. This time it’s Doctor Who and the Star Beast, adapting the Fourth Doctor’s first encounter with the cute but villainous Beep the Meep from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine. You can check out our full review of the original boxset, including another DWM classic, The Iron Legion, below.

REVIEW: Doctor Who: The Comic Strip Adaptations Volume 1 – Robot Romans and Fierce Fuzzballs Aplenty

You can find all these goodies at the official Staying in the TARDIS page.


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