Russell T Davies has confirmed when we’ll see his first episode, if he’s started writing, and more…

In an interview with the Guardian newspaper the once and future Doctor Who showrunner has news about the writing and casting of the Fourteenth Doctor’s adventures. The interview was mainly concerned with Davies’ recent series It’s A Sin, which the Guardian have named 2021’s #1 Drama. And if you haven’t seen the powerful series about the 1980 AIDS epidemic you should absolutely correct that oversight now. But Davies also took the time to give an update about his return to Doctor Who.

He revealed that he’s already begun work on Doctor Who and that he’s already written multiple episodes of Series 14. He also confirmed that his new era will kick off in November 2023, the 60th Anniversary month. Meanwhile, he also explains that he can’t unveil the Fourteenth Doctor just yet… because he still hasn’t cast them! However the casting process has just begun and the hunt is on for the TARDIS’ next pilot.


“I’ve already written some of the episodes. The first will go out in November 2023 – that’s the 60th anniversary of the show. […] We have genuinely not cast anyone yet. We’re just starting auditions.”


Russell T Davies (c) Red Productions


It’s probably not surprising that the Bad Wolf team haven’t cast the new Doctor yet. Despite speculation, the past couple of decades show that the team reveal the actor not long after they’re cast. Christopher Eccleston, for instance, was cast on the 19th of March 2004 and announced one day later on the 20th. Other Doctors have been kept secret, more or less, for three or four weeks before their public launch. And with the thirteen month gap between Series 13 and 14 being the third largest pause in the show’s six decade history, there’s certainly no rush.

We already knew Davies had begun working on his ideas for his new episodes. Steven Moffat revealed at the Oxford Union that his fellow writer had shared his plans with him. But the knowledge that entire new Russell T Davies Doctor Who scripts are sitting on a laptop somewhere is very exciting. And he also explained the simple truth as to why he’s coming back to the show.


“Because I love it. It’s the first thing I watched on television. In [my cabinet] there is every single edition of Doctor Who Magazine.”


You can read the full interview, where Davies discusses, It’s A Sin, Doctor Who, and his upcoming Crossroads drama at the Guardian.


Doctor Who: Eve of the Daleks (C) BBC Studios - Photographer: James Pardon
Doctor Who: Eve of the Daleks (C) BBC Studios – Photographer: James Pardon

Doctor Who will return on New Year’s Day with Eve of the Daleks on BBC One at 7pm and on BBC America and AMC+ in the US

Sarah (Aisling Bea) owns and runs ELF storage, and Nick (Adjani Salmon) is a customer who visits his unit every year on New Year’s Eve. This year, however, their night turns out to be a little different than planned as they find themselves joining forces with the Doctor, Dan and Yaz in a fight against the Daleks.





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