The man out of time returns for Volume Two with old friends and old enemies, but a new look into how the Edwardian adventurer ticks.

Early last year, in a time when meetings were face to face and not via webcam, Big Finish announced that they would be taking on a number of new licenced IPs. The first one to be announced was Adam Adamant Lives, the series chronicling the adventures of an Edwardian vigilante, frozen in time and thawed out in London 1967.

Volume One was released back in January of this year and was met with sweeping critical acclaim (not least from ourselves). Stellar performances from the cast, Guy Adams’ respect for the source material, and how the reimagining of the series was handled kept it similar to its TV counterpart but distinct enough to be its own thing. Now Volume Two has arrived to continue the story, with a more in depth look and deconstruction of the man who loves danger…

A Slight Case of Reincarnation by Guy Adams

A spate of robberies have thrown London into utter chaos as the highwaymen of centuries past have returned to the streets. London knows there’s only one man who can stop them; the infamous Adam Adamant. Only, he’s not available. He is still brooding in his apartment over the loss of his friend Georgina Jones. But Adam soon discovers a familiar face strolling about the city. As he gives chase, Adamant is about to discover he is not the only one with a penchant for resurrection…

Big Finish – Adam Adamant Lives! – Volume 2: Face Off – Milly Thomas, Blake Ritson and Guy Adams (c) Big Finish

Guy Adams’ opener thrusts us straight back into the action and adventure that we loved from the first set, only with a few differences. Following the events of the last set’s finale, Adam’s world is falling apart around him and Simms is left to try to pick up the pieces, whilst his friend clings to the hope that Georgina is not dead. Adamant played spectacularly by Blake Ritson and Guy Adams’ own performance as Simms, reminds us that our heroes are still human, and no one is immune to grief and loss.

This theme is balanced with a number of exciting chases around London, from the fantastical highwaymen robberies to the hope that Miss Jones may still be alive. Alongside the two regulars, plus regular cast member Milly Thomas and secondary players Martha Cope, Dan Starkey and Andrew Wincott, this opening episode sets up everything for the rest of the set. It still leaves some tantalising questions hanging especially for the next episode…

Face It! by Guy Adams

Adam Adamant is dead. He has been dead for a very very long time. No one has seen him since he disappeared back in 1902. Nobody that public and that spectacular can simply disappear for over sixty years and just reappear unchanged as if walking out of Oscar Wilde’s book. But Pat Hamilton knows this surely. I mean, Doctor Milligan has said it to him time and time again. He is Pat Hamilton, not Adam Adamant. Adam Adamant no longer exists. What will The Face have to say about that?

This episode. OH, THIS EPISODE!! This can be safely said without overstatement or hyperbole, but this single episode is one of the best things Big Finish has ever produced and is a full testament to what can be achieved on audio.

Big Finish – Adam Adamant Lives! – Volume 2: Face Off – The Face (c) Big Finish

Guy Adams has crafted here a magnificent “two”- hander that delves into the psyche of his reimagined Adam Adamant in such an in depth manner. This series did not show us how Adam arrived in London so we simply do not know if this person actually is Adam Adamant. That uncertainty, mixed with the attempts to break the main character and have him believe something contrary to his understanding, feels like a lost episode of The Prisoner.

This is an episode that listeners need to experience for themselves. Simple words cannot do this story justice. What can be said is that alongside Nicholas Asbury as Doctor Milligan Blake Ritson shines, switching between Adamant, his self-loathing id of The Face, and other characters he is given to interpret. Make no mistake, this episode alone is worth the price of admission…

The Important Questions by Guy Adams

Margo Caine’s life was nice. Margo Caine’s life was simple. She ruled Soho with an iron grip. Feared and respected in one deadly package. At least that was the case until Adam Adamant turned up, with his do good nature and helpful attitude. At least Margo helped put an end to that, doing in Adamant’s goody two-shoes sidekick, Georgina Jones. Now, she has her eyes set on one last prize. One last job to retire on and she’s got a new set of hands to help. Hands that look like the ones she had thrown off a roof a few months ago…

Big Finish – Adam Adamant Lives! – Volume 2: Face Off (Cast) – Milly Thomas, Andrew Wincott, Nick Briggs, Guy Adams, Dan Starkey, Martha Cope & Blake Ritson (c) Big Finish

Guy Adams’ finale for this set certainly evokes all the feelings that you would want from a finale. But not only does it act as a finale for this set, it also closes up ongoing plot points from the first. Adams’ penchant for the dramatic has crafted a brilliant standalone plot that runs through before the big climatic reveals at the end. Needless to say, it is still fast paced, tense, and a whole bunch of silly fun. Regulars and supporting cast return to flesh out the episode, alongside the return of Izzy Van Randwyck as unflappable villainess, Margo Caine. All of them give great performances with the listener able to hear how much fun every cast member is having with their roles.

Swinging Sounds

Benji Clifford returns with his library of sixties-esque noises and shenanigans, succeeding in immersing the listener into the era with every sound. Jamie Robertson takes charge of the music and does an excellent job in matching Clifford’s score for the first set, but making this score his own, putting to use the exemplary skills shown with his scores for the three volumes of The Prisoner.

The End?

With strong performances from the cast, Adams’ wistful writings, dynamic direction from Nicholas Briggs, stellar soundwork from Clifford, and masterful music from Robertson, this set was a pure and utter joy to listen to. It switches effortlessly from Avengers-esque whimsy to Callan-level thriller tension whilst rummaging through everything in between and never losing track of what itself. Although the story across these two sets is wrapped up, we hope that this series gets to continue and become as loved, revered and as popular as the mainstays of Big Finish’s catalogue.

But until then, if you should look for a man who loves danger. To whom love is a stranger. This man, and his range, is the one ADAM ADAMAAAAANT!!!

Adam Adamant Lives: Volume 2 is available from the Big Finish website on collectors edition CD and download. It will be available from other stockists from October 2020.

Big Finish – Adam Adamant Lives! – Volume 2: Face Off (Cover) (c) Big Finish


2.1 A Slight Case of Reincarnation by Guy Adams

A bizarre bank robbery. Robbers dressed as period highwaymen. Who can stop it?

Adam Adamant is still traumatised by the loss of Georgina Jones. But then, he glimpses a familiar face. Is he losing his mind? He must give chase! But where will this all take him? Behind bars? Facing an old enemy? Or rescuing an old friend?

2.2 Face It! by Guy Adams

Trapped in isolation with his deadliest foe, Adam must fight for his sanity and his survival. Will Dr Andrew Milligan unlock Adam’s true self or condemn him forever to struggle for supremacy with the mysterious Pat Hamilton?

2.3 The Important Questions by Guy Adams

Despite all his heroic efforts, Simms is locked up and unable to help Adam. Meanwhile, Georgina Jones is masterminding a daring burglary, with Margo Caine pulling the strings. Will the old team of Adam, Georgina and Simms ever fight side-by-side again?


  • Blake Ritson (Adam Adamant)
  • Milly Thomas (Georgina Jones)
  • Guy Adams (William E Simms)
  • Nicholas Asbury (Milligan)
  • Martha Cope (Lina / Miss Fordyce)
  • Dan Starkey (Derek / Highwayman)
  • Issy Van Randwyck (Margo Caine)
  • Robert Whitelock (Corky / Crook 2)
  • Andrew Wincott (Muller / Bystander / Crook 1)


  • Cover Art by Tom Newsom
  • Director: Nicholas Briggs
  • Executive Producers: Nicholas Briggs and Jason Haigh-Ellery
  • Music: Jamie Robertson
  • Producer: Emma Haigh
  • Senior Producer: David Richardson
  • Sound Design: Benji Clifford
  • Written by Guy Adams
  • Theme Music by Hal Shaper and David Lee
  • Theme sung by Louise M Kimber

Adam Adamant Lives! – Volume Two: Face Off is available to purchase now exclusively from the Big Finish website as a collector’s edition CD box set for £19.99 and as a digital download for £16.99.


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