After the stunning conclusion of Doom Coalition last year, the Eighth Doctor is back for seconds.

Paul McGann, Hattie Morahan, Nicola Walker and Mark Bonnar all return for Doctor Who: Ravenous. This sequel to Doom Coalition will take on a looser structure than previous Eighth Doctor sagas. An overall story arc will underpin a combination of standalone and multi-part adventures.

Doctor Who - The Happiness Patrol (c) BBC
Doctor Who – The Happiness Patrol (c) BBC

Familiar faces abound, including Ian McNeice reprising his new series role as Winston Churchill. Not to mention the sinister Kandyman showing up in humanoid form played by Nicholas Rowe. The character first appeared in 1988’s ‘The Happiness Patrol’ and became infamous for his similarity to Bertie Bassett. Rowe, of Young Sherlock Holmes and The Crown, will play the Kandyman for his audio debut, taking over from David John Pope.

Paul McGann
Paul McGann

Paul McGann, of course, reprises his role as the Eighth Doctor alongside Walker plays Liv Chenka. Hattie Morahan plays Helen Sinclair, last seen taken hostage by Mark Bonnar’s The Eleven.

John Dorney and Matt Fitton, who oversaw Doom Coalition, return for Ravenous. The story titles for the first volume has been confirmed:

  1. Their Finest Hour by John Dorney
  2. How to Make a Killing in Time Travel by John Dorney
  3. World of Damnation by Matt Fitton
  4. Sweet Salvation by Matt Fitton

Nicholas Briggs, executive producer of Big Finish, said, “This is another whole new phase in the Eighth Doctor’s epic journey. It builds on the great success of the Doom Coalition series and pitches the Doctor into some really startling stuff, with a couple of familiar, trusty companions by his side. Another great set of stories from producer David Richardson and director Ken Bentley — a winning team!”

The first boxset will be released in April 2018 with the second in October. The final two parts will be out during 2019. Each volume can be pre-ordered from the Big Finish website for £23 on CD and £20 for download. The series is also available in a bundle of all four volumes at £80 download and £90 CD.

What are you hoping to hear from the Eighth Doctor? Are you excited for the audio debut of the Kandyman? Let us know in the comments.



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