The Prisoner - Big Finish
The Prisoner – Big Finish

As we posted earlier, today marks the release of the first series of Big Finish Productions’ audio reimagining of cult television favourite The Prisoner.The Prisoner originally starred Patrick McGoohan as Number Six, a former secret agent held captive in a mysterious village as his former employers try and discover why he suddenly resigned. Across 17 episodes broadcast from 1967-68 – several of which were written and directed by McGoohan – Number Six was tested in a number of physical and psychological ways. Each episode featured a different actor playing the role of Number Two, the administrator of The Village working for an unseen Number One.

The cast of Big Finish’s incarnation of the series is lead by Mark Elstob, and the first four-episode set also stars John Standing, Celia Imrie, Ramon Tikaram and Michael Cochrane as Number Two. Three of the episodes released today are adaptations of television stories, with one being completely new. All of them have been written and directed by Big Finish’s Executive Producer Nicholas Briggs.

In the preview videos below, released as part of the promotion for the series, the cast and crew discuss the original series and this latest re-imagining.

Promotion for the series has also included two free podcasts. One goes behind the scenes of the recording (listen here) while the other is a 38-minute extract from the first episode, Departure and Arrival. Listen to the second here.

Preview copies have gone down well with long-term fans of the series. The Official Prisoner Appreciation Society called it ‘Wonderful and compulsive listening’ whilst The Prisoner news site said it ‘feels in tune with the original series, but is different enough to be original at the same time.’

You can purchase the first series in a luxury, limited-edition CD boxset for £40, or on download for £35 from the official Big Finish website. All purchases of The Prisoner from Big Finish come with an in-depth behind-the-scenes feature on the series, By Hook or By Crook and if customers who buy the physical option also receive a free download version, available immediately. Neither edition of the release will be available from other retailers until the end of March.



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