Ten years on, Blogtor Who looks back at the 2008 Easter Special Planet of the Dead.

In 2008 at the National Television Awards David Tennant announced he was leaving Doctor Who. After three highly successful seasons he was leaving; the man who was the face of countless magazines, comics, Battles in Time cards and other merchandise. At the time, he was in a hugely successful version of Hamlet at the RSC.

Viewers had already been through the heartbreaking departure of companion Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) and the saddening story of Jackson Lake in the Christmas Special The Next Doctor and were left to wonder what Russell T Davies would do next.

Well, casting Michelle Ryan as a cat burglar with a double-decker bus, adding in writer Gareth Roberts, filming it in HD and setting it during the Easter holidays is what RTD did next! Added for good measure were alien flies in boiler suits and Daniel Kaluuya (I wonder what happened to him?)

This Easter Special was indeed special. It featured comedian Lee Evans as a very excitable Welsh scientist (and Doctor fan) and set up the now-infamous “Four Knocks” that would haunt viewers for months until David Tennant’s departure in early 2010 (if you guessed it was The Master then I don’t blame you, so did I).

And so open up an Easter Egg early and celebrate this enigma that is the first and only Doctor Who Easter Special. Just try and not get sand in your hair…


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