The first solo album by former Doctor Who Peter Capaldi is out now! You can get St. Christopher wherever you buy or stream your music

During the initial lockdown last year, many of us struggled to fill the days stuck at home. For the entertainment industry it was a particularly hard time, with theatres closing their doors and most television and film projects suspending production. Many artists sought other ways to express their craft, giving us the likes of Zoom based comedy Staged. But in Peter Capaldi’s case, it became an opportunity to finish writing and record his first solo album, St. Christopher.

Capaldi was famously once the lead singer of punk band The Dreamboys, as well as being one half (with Craig Ferguson) of comedy music act Bing & Dean Hitler. But acting quickly became his primary career focus and he now has decades of being one of the United Kingdom’s most respected actors (and an Oscar) behind him. So the pandemic gave Capaldi a rare opportunity to explore a lately untapped well of creativity.

Even before lockdown, Capaldi had wanted to explore his musical side again. In 2019 Dr Robert of the Blow Monkeys invited Peter to a recording session for the Monks Road Album Humanism. Peter said, “Watching the musicians work, something drove me to scribble out a song, just for the chance of having them play it, and when they did I knew immediately this was something I wanted to do again. So, I set about it.

“Robert patiently endured these efforts, encouraging some, letting others slip quietly away, until eventually we felt we had enough ideas to go into the studio… And then it was March 2020 and everything stopped.

“[But] we had demos, computers, Robert’s address book, and a very clear diary so, through the magic of modern technology, we sent the tracks back and forth until finally, with the help of some brilliant musicians, we found ourselves with something that very much appeared to be an album.”


Peter Capaldi's album, St. Christopher (c) Monk Road Records Doctor Who Twelfth Doctor
Peter Capaldi’s album, St. Christopher (c) Monks Road Records

Peter Capaldi – St. Christopher

  1. Beautiful And Weird
  2. It’s Not Over Until It’s Over
  3. Impossible Youth
  4. A Little Bit Of Class
  5. The Great Magnificence
  6. Atlanta Vacant Lot
  7. In Person
  8. In Every Face
  9. St. Christopher
  10. Take What You Need

You can purchase Peter Capaldi’s St. Christopher directly from Monks Road Records, or find it wherever you buy or stream your music.



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