For those of us still in lockdown, writer Michael Herbert will host an online talk for the Working Class Movement Library on Wednesday 10 June 2020 from 2-3pm UK time to discuss Doctor Who writer Malcolm Hulke as part of its Invisible Histories series.

The online talk will be hosted by Michael Herbert who published a short study of his work Doctor Who and the Communist: Malcolm Hulke and his career in television in 2015.

Malcolm Hulke (1924-1979) was a successful writer for radio, television and the cinema from the 1950s to the 1970s.  His work included episodes for Armchair Theatre, Danger Man, and The Avengers as well as eight serials for Doctor Who between 1967 and 1974, including The Faceless Ones, The War Games and The Sea Devils.

Malcolm was a socialist, belonging for twenty years to the Communist Party of Great Britain, and his political views fed into his work.  He once said: “It’s a very political show. Remember what politics refers to, it refers to relationships between groups of people. It doesn’t necessarily mean left or right…so all Doctor Whos are political, even though the other group of people are reptiles, they’re still a group of people.”

Speaker Michael Herbert has been connected with the Working Class Movement Library for 40 years, having been inspired by Library founders Ruth and Edmund Frow to begin to research and write about radical history.  His published work includes Never counted out, a biography of the black Manchester boxer and Communist Len Johnson“For the sake of the women who are to come after”: Manchester’s radical women 1914-1945, and Doctor Who and the Communist: Malcolm Hulke and his career in television, published by Five Leaves Press in 2015.  He blogs on radical history at Red Flag Walks and on science fiction at Fantasies of Possibility.

The talk is part of the Invisible Histories series.

The talk is free. Bring your own tea and biscuits.


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