They’re flying off the virtual shelves but there’s still time to get your own Fugitive Doctor in action figure form

Character Options have released an action figure of the Fugitive Doctor as played by Jo Martin, complete with a scale version of her TARDIS. The set is available exclusively from the Character Options website and has reportedly been selling fast, temporarily crashing the site on the morning they went on sale. But there is still some stock available for anyone looking to ensure they have the complete set of incarnations of the Doctor.

To get yours, order here.


The Fugitive Doctor and TARDIS set from Character Options (c) Character Options Doctor Who
The Fugitive Doctor and TARDIS set from Character Options (c) Character Options

The recent Toy Fair UK also featured a display of some of Character Options’ plans for the year ahead

Speaking of the complete set, the Character Options display at the recent Toy Fair UK trade show made clear that there’s a Fifteenth Doctor action figure on the way. Not exactly surprising, perhaps, but nice to know for sure. And with Ncuti Gatwa’s take on the Doctor wearing a dizzying number of variant outfits, it looks like Character have decided on his Church on Ruby Road fit of striped mod zip polo shirt, long orange-brown leather coat, blue Gurkha trousers, and multi-coloured trainers, for the action figure.

Blogtor Who can’t share photos from the event but we can say that some of the other items spotted on the day included the almost as unsurprising new sonic screwdriver toy. So at some point this year you’ll be to outfit yourself with your own ‘organic pebble teddy bear’ sonic, as its designers dubbed it.

Also among the new Doctor Who toys in the pipeline are action figures of Ruby Sunday and a Wrarth Warrior. Impressively, all four new and upcoming figures (the Fugitive and Fifteenth Doctors, Ruby and the Wrarth) seem to be entirely new sculpts. In recent years Character have recycled elements from previous figures wherever possible. While the results were often impressive in both their imagination and the end result, it’s nice to see all new sculpts return.

The Fifteenth Doctor's sonic screwdriver (c) BBC Studios Doctor Who
The Fifteenth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver (c) BBC Studios

A cuddly Meep teddy bear is an unexpected highlight of upcoming Character Options toys

The final item spotted by visitors to the show was a cuddly Meep toy. Is a good idea to settle your little ones into bed cuddly a Meep? Who can say. Though Blogtor admits we’re hoping for something similar to the Feisty Pets toy line, where its expression can change from cute to murderous in an instant.

There are no timelines yet for the release of any of these toys, and they’re still subject to various levels of approval before making it to shops. But there’s a good chance that these will be coming to shelves and websites this May in time for the return of Doctor Who to TV.


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