It’s a new beginning but the moment has been prepared for… Sex Education’s Ncuti Gatwa is the Fourteenth Doctor!

Last year, the official announcement of Russell T Davies’ return to Doctor Who was preceded by a broad hint of the writer’s Instagram page. Now the pattern has repeated itself with actor Ncuti Gatwa posting a cryptic image of two hearts plus a square. Russell T Davies immediately commented with a somewhat less enigmatic “The future is here!” The post was also liked and commented on by people at almost level of the professional Doctor Who community, from Bad Wolf supremo Jane Tranter, to Series 14’s script editor Scott Handcock, Peter Ware (deputy editor at Doctor Who Magazine) and more. So the official confirmation that Ncuti Gatwa is the Fourteenth Doctor isn’t a total surprise.



The Future is Here! Gatwa will be the youngest new Doctor to step aboard the TARDIS since Matt Smith

Audiences probably know Ncuti Gatwa best known for his role in hit Netflix drama/comedy Sex Education. For three series, he’s co-starred as Eric Efflong, best friend of Asa Butterfield’s Otis, as Eric moved beyond his strict religious upbringing to explode out of the closet and embrace life. His casting in Doctor Who obviously casts doubt on whether he’ll appear in the upcoming fourth series of Sex Education.

At 29 he’s one of the youngest actors yet to play the Doctor, tied with Peter Davison, and older than just Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor. The actor will be undoubtedly be attending tonight’s BAFTA Awards, where he’s received his third BAFTA nomination. Meanwhile, Davies’ It’s A Sin is also hotly tipped to win numerous awards. Born in Rwanda, and raised in Scotland, Gatwa is also the first openly gay actor to play the Doctor, though members of the LGBT community have previously played companions.

A full profile of Gatwa will be coming from Blogtor Who shortly. In the meantime it only remains to congratulate Ncuti Gatwa on winning the role of a lifetime!


Doctor Who Centenary Special - The Doctor (JODIE WHITTAKER) - BBC Studios - Photos - James Pardon
Doctor Who Centenary Special – The Doctor (JODIE WHITTAKER) – BBC Studios – Photos – James Pardon

Doctor Who continues this Autumn with the Thirteenth Doctor’s final episode, ahead of Ncuti Gatwa’s first full episode next year



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