Fans of the Lethbridge-Stewart range, the wait is almost over! Covid 19 has put a hold on just about everything but publication is commencing. However, there’s a bit of a catch. Thankfully it’s not a bad one.

Book six from series 7, Schizoid Earth, I Alastair, will be published before books four and five. Luckily, books six is a semi-sequel to Schizoid Earth and not directly connected to books four and five of Bloodlines so it can be read immediately.

Andy Frankham-Allen, the Lethbridge-Stewart range editor discusses the decision in switching the order: “When it became clear Chris (Lynch) would have trouble finishing off The George Kostinen Mystery in time, due to the increased work load of his day job brought on by the current crisis, Shaun and I sat down to discuss what was best to do. We needed to put a book out, but we didn’t wish to delay series seven any further. Bringing The Schizoid Earth: I, Alastair forward was an easy option, since the book does not follow on from, and isn’t impact by, the end of the Bloodlines sequence. You’ll find nothing in The Schizoid Earth: I, Alastair to spoil the final two novels of that sequence. Luckily I knew Robert had finished his book, and was holding onto it for a final pass. Which he promptly did, once I explained the new circumstances to him.”

Frankham-Allen continues on to discuss the origins of a sequel to The Schizoid Earth. “We’ve been thinking of doing a follow up to The Schizoid Earth for quite some time. Of course, some of the threads set up in that novel have played a major role in other Lethbridge-Stewart novels, through the role of the Brigadier’s brother, James Lethbridge-Stewart. Since series seven is all about parallel realities, it seemed the perfect opportunity to do a novel set entirely within the Schizoid Earth. And Robert Mammone was the first and only author I considered for the task.”

Written By

I, Alastair is written by Robert Mammone and Mammone says of his book: “While daunting, writing a novel set on the Schizoid Earth opened up a lot of exciting possibilities. I’ve long been a fan of alternative history science fiction, particularly authors like Harry Turtledove and especially the darker fiction of SM Stirling.”

Mammone continues, “The chance to use familiar characters, in unfamiliar ways, in a setting way worse than the timeline of ‘our’ Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart was one I couldn’t say no to. Of course, when you’re dealing with a villain, as the Column Leader clearly is, you have to ensure you’re not making them the hero of the piece, even if they are the lead.

“There’s a lot of fantasy/science-fiction writing out there today that embraces the anti-hero as being someone to admire. While that has its place, in no way is the Lethbridge-Stewart of the Schizoid Earth a hero – he’s a broken man ill used by his father and a servant of a monstrous regime intent on ensuring the last remnants of resistance are stamped out.”

Cover Art

I, Alastair

Richard Young returns to cover art duties with a gorgeous piece. Young says of his cover “Evil Brig, who wouldn’t want to draw him. Inferno has to be in my top ten Doctor Who stories, and I love parallel universe, what if scenarios. Added to this, who doesn’t want to draw Big Ben blowing up?”

More to come

It’s wonderful to have the Lethbridge-Stewart range coming back after an unpredictable hiatus. The George Kostinen Mystery and Back to the Past, are still to be released an wraps up the Bloodlines saga. A new novel, set between A Very Private Haunting and The New Unusual will be released later in the year, written by Michael Sloan, creator of The Equaliser.

If your have subscription with Candy Jar Books, The Schizoid Earth: I, Alastair is covered by this.

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Under the gentle guidance of the Leader, Britain has flourished after the removal of the dead hand of democracy and the old, corrupt aristocracy. Dominant in Europe, a Great Power around the world, the Republic stands as a beacon to wise, benevolent and firm leadership.

The team led by Column Leader Alastair Lethbridge-Stewart is the best and brightest of us all, ensuring that attempts to overthrow the natural order will be stamped into submission.

Those who stand with the Leader ensure that Britain remains great, a Power to be reckoned with, and a dominant force across the globe.




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