There is still a long wait until Jodie Whittaker is on our screens as The Doctor in the new series, but in the meantime, she stars in a new film that is released today in cinemas.

Journeyman is the story of boxer Matty Burton who suffers a serious head injury during a fight. It is the second film to be directed by Paddy Considine after his stunning debut Tyrannosaur. He also stars in Journeyman with Jodie Whittaker playing his on-screen wife, Emma.

Whilst promoting the film Considine was interviewed by the Independent and asked if he thinks he’d make a great time lord like his co-star.

You’ve got to be a different kind of actor for that role. You have to be brave – have that eccentric quality to the performance. Considine replied “It requires a certain amount of theatricality and I don’t think I’d ever have those kinds of qualities to bring to it. You have to jump the fences and do what David Tennant and Peter [Capaldi] did. That’s not in my DNA. Maybe I could turn up and eat everybody. If I get to kill Doctor Who, then I’d do it.”

The film has received some great reviews with many picking out Whittaker’s performance for praise. So, if you want to see the new Doctor before she’s traveling in time and space maybe a trip to the cinema is on the cards this week. But, from the reviews, expect a ‘heartbreaking and astonishing’ tale.

Journeyman is out in cinemas now.




  1. Great post. Can you guys please review the film so we know how great she’ll been Doctor Who? 🙂 🙂


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