It’s time for some new astonishing audio adventures with those Infernal Investigators Jago & Litefoot!

Jago & Litefoot Series Fourteen has been released by Big Finish Productions. So step again through the streets of Victorian London in the Doctor Who universe. Prepare to listen in on secret meetings, gain exclusive access to fancy parties, and for a Christmas pantomime to remember. Originally scripted as full-cast audio dramas, these tales have been adapted into audiobooks. A single voice actor performs each one, due to the great Trevor Baxter sadly passing away in 2017. Those reading these terrific tales are Christopher Benjamin (Jago), Lisa Bowerman (Ellie), Jamie Newall (Aubrey) and Duncan Wisbey (Sacker).

Producer Alfie Shaw said: “Jago & Litefoot was the first Big Finish [Doctor Who] spin-off that I fell in love with, and it was a delight to be able to add to the rich legacy these characters have at Big Finish. Obviously, with the sad passing of Trevor Baxter, we couldn’t proceed with Series Fourteen as a full-cast production, even though the scripts were completed. The decision was taken to convert them into single-reader audiobooks. And I was keen for all the readers to be either series regulars or actors who have played reoccurring roles throughout the full-cast adventures. This is a boxset made by Jago & Litefoot fans for Jago & Litefoot fans.”


Duncan Wisbey, Lisa Bowerman, Christopher Benjamin, and the late Trevor Baxter recording Jago & Litefoot Series 5 (March 2013) (c) Big Finish Doctor Who
Duncan Wisbey, Lisa Bowerman, Christopher Benjamin, and the late Trevor Baxter recording Jago & Litefoot Series 5 (March 2013) (c) Big Finish

Lisa Bowerman and Christopher Benjamin are among the readers for the four stories

Director and reader Lisa Bowerman added: “It was with a heavy heart that we thought we’d never re-visit the world of Jago & Litefoot again, after the sad loss of Trevor. How wonderful to be able to use the stories that had already been prepared for Series Fourteen, which of course followed on from the events of the previous series.

“I had tremendous fun reading my particular story, by that master of Jago & Litefoot writing Paul Morris – and what larks to be able to read for both Jago and Litefoot! (I hope they’ll forgive me!) Not forgetting Ellie of course, as well as a cornucopia of other characters.

“Of course, I also had the great joy of directing Chris’s story as well. What a treat to hear old H.G.J. strutting his stuff again. There’s such a heart to the world of Jago & Litefoot, and it was lovely to be able to immerse myself in it all again for one last time.”

Christopher Benjamin first played Henry Gordon Jago in Doctor Who’s The Talons of Weng-Chiang in 1977, alongside Trevor as Litefoot. Now he reads the final Jago & Litefoot story here. “I have mixed feelings on being back, really. It’s sad that it’s the end, it’s sad that we lost Trevor, and that he wasn’t here to do this properly. But on the other hand it’s lovely to be working and with Lisa, so that’s something.”


Jago & Litefoot Series 14. Cover by Tom Newsom Doctor Who Christopher Benjamin Big Finish Henry Gordon Jago
Jago & Litefoot Series 14. Cover by Tom Newsom (c) Big Finish Productions

Jago & Litefoot Series Fourteen

It’s back through the streets of London with the devilishly daring duo of Jago and Litefoot! 

The Red Hand by Simon Barnard and Paul Morris, adapted by Paul Morris and narrated by Jamie Newall

Returning home from their voyage to a parallel world, Jago and Litefoot find that things aren’t quite as they left them. There’s a terrifying new chief inspector, their closest friends have turned against them, and there’s something that neither of them can remember. Their only hope to understanding their strange new world lies with a shadowy organisation called the Red Hand.

The Laughing Policeman by Jonathan Barnes, adapted by Julian Richards and narrated by Duncan Wisbey

Inspector Gilhooey is used to dealing with mundane crimes, but he’s been given a new assignment, to root out enemies of the state. His investigations have led him to the Temperance Hall, where the Cotterill siblings are giving a seditious speech. However, Gilhooey discovers that the Cotterills aren’t the only disloyal duo in attendance, there are two more traitors in the crowd: traitors called Jago and Litefoot!

The Corridors of Power by Paul Morris, adapted by Paul Morris and narrated by Lisa Bowerman

In order to get closer to the truth of what’s happened to the world, Jago and Litefoot are forced to split up. While Litefoot finds himself mixing with high society, Jago has to find a way to reach his friend, as the professor is trapped in a party that seems never to end…

A Command Performance by Justin Richards and Julian Richards, adapted by Julian Richards and narrated by Christopher Benjamin

It’s time for the Christmas Day pantomime at the New Regency Theatre. Jago’s more stressed than usual. Not only has he got to deal with a packed house, messy stagehands and peculiar acts, but there’s a VIP coming. The problem is, this particular VIP can’t possibly be coming, for one simple reason. They’re dead.


Jago & Litefoot: Series 14 is now available as a digital download only (at £17.99), exclusively at the Big Finish website.


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