The date of the Apocalypse has been set, as Good Omens comes to BBC 2

Ever since Good Omens was announced as a co-production between BBC Studios and Amazon, it’s been understood that it would first run on Amazon’s streaming platform before getting its terrestrial TV debut on the BBC. The lavish adaptation of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s novel premiering on Amazon Prime in May. But it’s seemed a long wait since then for those without the service. But now at last, the day is almost here.

Good Omens will premiere on BBC 2 at 9pm on Wednesday the 15th of January. Starring former Doctor Who David Tennant as the (literally) snake hipped demon Crowley, the six episode epic takes us to the end of the world in style. Crowley and his opposite number the angel Arizaphale (Michael Sheen, The Doctor’s Wife) has been stationed on Earth for millennia. They’ve grown to quite like the place, so are both disturbed by the news of the Antichrist’s birth and the imminent Apocalypse. But with both Heaven and Hell eager for a war they’re both sure they can win, what chance do two low-level nobodies in the Biblical scheme of things have to stop it?

Adapted by Neil Gaiman (The Doctor’s Wife) from his own novel with Terry Pratchett, Good Omens has been greeted with rave reviews from critics and viewers alike. It’s also unleashed an entirely new wave of David Tennant cosplayers on conventions around the world.

Former Doctor Who David Tenant and Michael Sheen describe the mismatched heroes of Good Omens as a true double act (c) Amazon Prime Video
David Tenant and Michael Sheen as the mismatched heroes of Good Omens (c) Amazon Prime Video

Blogtor Who’s reviews of the entire season are still available to check out. Though, fair warning, if you’re looking several episode ahead, spoilers abound.

Good Omens begins on BBC 2 at 9pm on January 15th



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