The TARDIS has redecorated, do you like it?

You can read our full review of ‘The Ghost Monument’ here but we wanted to know what you think. So we’ve sprinted across deserts and through tunnels to find your reactions!

Title Retort

Let’s talk about the new title sequence.

Must be Thursday

After that asteroid belter (sorry) of a cliffhanger, some hoopy froods spotted the Hitchhiker’s influence.

Be Our Guest (Stars)

Shaun Dooley plays Epzo. Susan Lynch plays Angstrom. Art Malik plays Ilin.

The Chase is On

Sunday night was a Bradley Walsh TV invasion.

Cut to the Chase

But what about the main plot?

Come to…Doctor.

We got our first look at the new TARDIS interior. Y’all had thoughts…

Self-Promotion Bonus

In Memoriam…

In this section we salute everyone who died during the broadcast of the episode.


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